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November 24, 2022

Filippo Volandri

Simone Bolelli

Fabio Fognini

Team Italy

Press Conference


6-4, 6-4

Team Italy - 2

Team USA - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Filippo, congratulations. Can you sum up your thoughts on today's win?

CAPTAIN VOLANDRI: Yeah. I'm really proud and it started from far. We worked on this match from far. I'm proud of the team. I'm proud of what they did, respecting their role, and they have been ready once they have been called. I'm really, really proud of these guys.

Q. Perhaps you can talk about Lorenzo Sonego's performance in the opening singles. A lot of people have said it was the key to today's success, getting off to such a good start.

CAPTAIN VOLANDRI: He was practicing really, really good. He had a lot of energy in a tough year. He wanted to do something really, really good. In the end of the season he was playing better and better.

But, yeah, he had an unbelievable energy, and we know that in that case, he could do something that you maybe don't expect but we know he has. This surface is quite fast, and his serve was working really good in the last days, so that's why he played.

Q. Fabio, so many years of experience you and Simone have together. How important do you think that was today against a doubles team who were playing together for the first time?

FABIO FOGNINI: Well, we know each other like a brother, first of all. Yeah, it was like eight years, like 2014 they say that we played our first semifinal. But I remember really well the time when we play against Roger and Stan.

Of course is long, long time ago. A lot of teams changing during these all year. We are getting old (smiling). But as I say it's here now, it's the doubles, it's I say 50% of the tie, because of course the first two team match they are best of three sets, and doubles also is the last point. It's not like before that we won't play on Saturday, and then after the Sunday, if you win 2-1 it was decided by the singles.

By my part, I think I'm really proud with Simone. Every time we play with our flags for our country, we play with our heart. That's the most important thing which we say.

At the beginning of the week, I was ready, I was feeling really well during these all day, practicing. And that's, I think, the first result that we made like a team, it's really, really important.

Q. Fabio, how did you feel today, especially with the crowd? We know you have a special connection with the crowd, but also here in Spain, how do you feel with the Spanish fans?

FABIO FOGNINI: Well, Spain, it's my second home, for sure, because me and Flavia was living, most of our career we was living in Barcelona, and all three babies get born in Barcelona. So for sure it's gonna be in my heart forever.

We have a lot of like Italian people that coming today, so a lot of support. Went also in Bologna. I know how is difficult in these conditions this time to travel, so I'm really thankful, because especially in Davis, it's not like the same when we play in tournament, so it's really important for us being supported by our team as much as we can.

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