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November 2, 2000

Greg Rusedski


MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How good does that feel?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah, it was a good win today. You know, I felt good out there. I thought the key to the match was at 5-4 when he served for that first set. If I would have got down that first set, it would have been a tough match to come back from. It was very satisfying to play so well in the tiebreaker, then to get the early break in the second, just being able to serve really well. I thought the second set I served extremely well.

Q. Given the year you've had, we were all a little alarmed to see you lying down, stretching. Is there a problem?

GREG RUSEDSKI: No, I think I'm all right. It's just a bit of stiffness. This court is a rough court on the body. It's pretty tough for everybody. Just a little bit of stretching. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Which part of you was hurting?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Oh, just a little bit sore on my back today. Just got myself a few clicks. Hopefully I'm ready for tomorrow.

Q. Are you a little surprised to see yourself here on the Friday?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I wasn't surprised to win my first two matches, but I'm pleasantly pleased to be here in the quarterfinals. It's going the right direction now. Last week was three matches, this week is four, and a chance for five or six. You know, something I'm looking forward to. A great opportunity.

Q. Do you feel you're really in the thick of the tournament now? Is it a familiar feeling?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah, I feel like I'm playing well. If someone's going to beat me, they're going to have to play good tennis. That's a nice feeling. You know, to come into one of the biggest indoor events, to be back in the quarterfinals is nice. Last week was quarters, this week is quarters. The consistency is coming back a bit, which is positive.

Q. The serve wasn't as dominating as it had been in the first two rounds. You won with other ways today.

GREG RUSEDSKI: I had to be a little more clever because I wasn't serving, I don't think, that well in the first few games. Against Marat, he's going to punish you for that. I missed a few forehands, played not such a great game when I got broken. I managed to get back in the second set. I think I really served a high percentage, hit the corners well.

Q. Did you sense his head went down a bit after he lost the tiebreak so badly?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I think the pressure is on. I think this week he was talking about if he got to the semis, he'd be No. 1. That was a big thing. I knew he was putting a little extra pressure on himself. I lost to him twice before, so I kind of knew what to expect. Just really pleased with my performance.

Q. If it were to be Tim tomorrow, does that make it extra special?

GREG RUSEDSKI: No, not really. It's just another match. I mean, Tim has had a very good year this year. He's played some good tennis. You know, I look forward to playing the match. I mean, it should be some good tennis. If he plays well and he wins, then he deserves to be there. It will be fun.

Q. Have you played him apart from a possible practice at Davis Cup since Indian Wells?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I haven't played him since Indian Wells. Not too much practice. Not too much practice at the Davis Cup, to be honest with you (laughter). No, we haven't played in ages. It should be fun if it happens.

Q. What about Hewitt? That would be a totally different contest.

GREG RUSEDSKI: I played him last week in Basel. We both played kind of a really nervy sort of match. It wasn't too, too pretty. You know, I'd hope I could play a little bit better than I did last week. You know, I'd have to expect a lot of good passing shots, running down a lot of balls, you know, someone that is going to be there from the first point to last point no matter how well or how badly he's playing.

Q. Some of your groundstrokes were quite astonishing in skill and excellence. Is that what comes when you have a couple of wins behind you, you're sailing along?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Well, I think my groundstrokes are pretty good. It's when I can move well, that's the key. If I can move well, I can hit my groundstrokes pretty well. You know, my movement around the court was very, very good today, I thought. That's the key for me. If my movement's good, then my groundstrokes get better. If my movement's not so good, my groundstrokes look pretty poor out there.

Q. When did you get your tweak?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Just a little bit in the second set. I don't think it really affected me that much. The serving still looked pretty good at the end.

Q. Better, actually.

GREG RUSEDSKI: It did. I'll have to focus a little bit more.

Q. Does it help you to see him swishing his racquet, waving his arms?

GREG RUSEDSKI: That's the way he always plays. It's quite deceptive. He could be throwing his arms up, you put four serves in his pocket, he hits four winners. I kept it out of his zone, just kept him a little bit down. That's the way it's always been. Even when he won the US Open, except for the match against Sampras, he's been doing that all the time.

Q. Was that a one-off then, do you think?

GREG RUSEDSKI: What do you mean "a one-off"?

Q. The US Open final.

GREG RUSEDSKI: No, I don't think so. I think he's a good enough player. You're 19, you win your first major, I think -- I mean, he's got great chances I think at all the Slams. Maybe Wimbledon might be the most difficult for him to win. But I think he can win any one of the majors. He's very physically gifted. He's very strong. He's improving all the time. You know, he really hasn't played that well indoors in his career, but he's getting better. You know, he's a great player. I'm sure it's not a one-off.

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