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November 12, 2022

Heinz Guenthardt

Belinda Bencic

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Emirates Arena

Team Switzerland

Press Conference

B. BENCIC/Ka. Pliskova

6-2, 7-6

Team Switzerland - 2

Team Czech Republic - 0

THE MODERATOR: Heinz, first, congratulations. How can you assess these two great performances today in singles?

CAPTAIN GUENTHARDT: Well, you know, they played to their potential, which is not always easy. You know, every day is different. They had very strong opponents.

I don't know why, in the end, you know, it goes this way or that way, like the second-set tiebreak with Belinda, what is it exactly? No one knows. Is it trust, is it belief, is it heart? Is it all of the above? Most likely.

That's what Fed Cup is all about, or Billie Jean King Cup, as it's called now. You have to find something extra in important moments. So far, so good. We have done exactly that.

THE MODERATOR: Were you expecting these nominations for Czech Republic today?

CAPTAIN GUENTHARDT: On one, yes. And on two, you're guessing between Vondrousova and Muchova. You know, they have extremely good team, because they can switch around, you know, any position at any time.

So, you know, we were guessing. That was like a 50/50, Vondrousova, Muchova. But we were going to go with what we had today anyway.


Q. Belinda, congratulations on the win. Did you feel any more pressure to try to get the tie done in the singles to avoid doubles and give you a bit more time to recover for tomorrow?

BELINDA BENCIC: I wasn't really thinking about that, but that's a good point, actually. I wonder what it would feel like to play doubles right now, and then to play tomorrow, it's pretty early for the one that plays later of course today. We cannot change that.

But it's always easier to go on the court when you have 1-0 behind you. I think it's more pressure for the other team not to get eliminated. But of course against Czech Republic, I think they have a great doubles, so you try to win in the singles. It's very tough. I think the pressure is really on when it's the deciding doubles.

Q. You made it a priority to win here after last year, and you have come back as a really strong team. It's all going to plan so far?

BELINDA BENCIC: Well, yeah, obviously. We are still in the run for the title. I'm really happy that we get to have this chance again. I think we also kind of work hard for our chances. As Heinz once told me, Give luck a chance.

We are trying to do exactly that. Hopefully tomorrow we will give our best and we do absolutely everything we can, and then we'll see if it's going to be enough, but we are happy that we have another chance.

Q. How much have you seen of Australia this week, and what are you expecting of them tomorrow?

BELINDA BENCIC: So obviously like we know Team Australia very well, not just this week but all year around. They had a really tough tie as well today.

But, yeah, they have a great doubles, as well. Also, you know, Storm, she's winning every singles, as mostly a doubles player, but she's a great singles player too. She can be very dangerous.

But I hope to do my job and my part. I'm sure like we're going to support each other like no matter what and we are just going to try the best. Hopefully it's going to be enough. We can really, we have to focus on ourselves.

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