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November 12, 2022

Viktorija Golubic

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Emirates Arena

Team Switzerland

Press Conference

V. GOLUBIC/K. Muchova

6-4, 6-4

Team Switzerland - 1

Team Czech Republic - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. You started really fast and she grew into the match a bit more. How pleased were you to tough that one out?

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Yeah, I mean, I had a great start. I had the feeling that in the first two games she wasn't like quite there, and I was really like there from the beginning on, so I knew, you know, it helps me to have a little bit of a gap, as like when she finds into the rhythm.

Then she came back, like she got stronger in the first. I think it really helped me to do the 3-Love there, so I could close it out 6-4, first set. That was important.

As well in the second set, she got better. She tried to go for more. There was a moment where I dropped just a little bit, tiny little bit, but it's normal. But I found my rhythm again. I'm happy I could win in two.

Q. Were you surprised with their team selections at all, especially with how well Vondrousova played the previous night?

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Well, I mean, you know, with them, they have so, so many options. It's really, you can just, you know, keep guessing.

Muchova, she was a top-20 player. She has a great level. Also, Vondrousova, she came from injury, she won straight, won a 100K, wins her singles. She's level-wise also in the top 20, top 30, for sure.

They have Karolina, they have also Siniakova, she played so well yesterday. Maybe they kind of think they save her for doubles.

So with the options they have, you can just keep guessing and maybe think, you know, one to one, who has kind of better scores. And that's it, yeah.

Q. This event has been a big focus for the Swiss team after finishing runner-up last year. Can you talk about how focused you have been on this event as a team?

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Yeah, I mean, we always kind of try to prepare well and to really be in shape for this one. It's not so easy, because it's the end of the season, and we are all, you know, tired.

Like we can feel it in our bodies and in our minds that it was a long season. But then also, because we have high goals in the team events, we don't just come here for fun. So we have fun, obviously, but it's also, like, together with the high goals.

This is just something that is important for us. So it's kind of we focus on this week, but at the same time, you know, we enjoy it. We have a lot of fun. We just know we try our best, and in the end, this is what we want.

THE MODERATOR: Questions online.

Q. Congratulations. Can you just talk about the nails tradition in your team?

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Well, thanks, first of all. Yeah, I mean, you know, for every point, every team member gets a red nail. And I think, you know, it just started as a kind of joke thing, but then we kept doing it.

Now it's kind of, you know, we are really into it. So no one can really escape (smiling). Even if we have to force them (smiling).

So it's just something we do, and it's kind of a fun thing, because sometimes media picks up on it and you see Heinz there, sitting with his red nails. I think it's funny, because sometimes tennis can be so serious and everyone is so professional and so focused. I think something like that kind of really eases up.

Q. There is almost two fingers missing.

VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Yeah, I mean, exactly.

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