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November 13, 2022

Morgane Metraux

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Okay, here with Morgane Metraux after her final round at the Pelican Women's Championship. Just take us through your feelings right now. The obvious is you moved well into the top 100 on the Race to CME Globe, meaning you'll keep priority status for next year. Tell me your emotions and when you started to realize that was a possibility.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, so obviously this week was more than just a tournament for me. A lot was on the line. Today was a little extra stressful. I think yesterday I struggled a little bit more with that. Today it was more like just go for it. My game is in a good place, and just trust it, and that's what did I all day long.

Yeah, super, super happy. I did not want to go to Q-Series, so I'm happy I can go back to play the final in Europe now. Yeah, I don't really have words, to be honest. It's just like just everything is a little bit overwhelming.

Q. Your caddie, we were just talking to him, said there was a moment on the course where you realized you needed a couple birdies to keep moving. Talk us through that.

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, so instead of thinking I'm in a good place, just like make pars and you'll be fine, I wanted to keep pushing and tell myself I need more birdies to maybe get closer to the top and the lead.

So that's kind of the mindset I had, and at some point I made a couple pars in a row and I thought, okay, now it's time to make birdies again and think that way. So that's why I voiced it to him as really. Just focused birdied and not just saving something.

Q. Your rookie season you have had one top 10 finish already and now possibly another one. This one feels different a little bit, huh?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, I think it's even better, this one, just because of how much was on the line for me this week. I loved everything since I came to play a practice round a few weeks back. Love this place. Love playing in Florida. I drove here from my home, so just everything aligned this week, and, yeah, if it can be another top 10 it would be fantastic.

Q. What's is more pressure: Playing to win or playing to keep your job?

MORGANE METRAUX: Playing to keep your job 100%. The thing is for me, playing to win you already feel like you're obviously playing really well if you're in a position to win the tournament, so you can build confidence on that.

If you're playing to keep your job it means you haven't done quite as good. So I think it's more pressure. It's like playing to make the cut on the last hole versus playing to win the tournament. They're both pressure, but I think the pressure of making the cut is actually harder.

Q. How do you block that out on the course knowing you still got to take it one shot at a time?

MORGANE METRAUX: I wish I had an answer. A lot of experience, just going through times where I wasn't able to and learn from that. Trying to, as I said, focus on birdies, not think about the result, and stay in the present as much as possible. Just think about the shot ahead of you. Yeah, those are all the things I try to go back to.

Q. And since you have gone from 101 and jumped in, do you feel as though it's kind of like a win?

MORGANE METRAUX: Oh, definitely, yeah. After my last event in California I was very upset at myself and disappointed because I had missed few cuts in a row, and I wanted to have this break knowing that I was fine for next year.

I didn't manage to do that because I probably had too many expectations or too much pressure on myself, so I took those four weeks to reset, work on my game, and feel like I was in a good place coming in here.

Yeah, I mean, I don't know what to say really.

Q. You said you drove here. Where do you live?

MORGANE METRAUX: I'm in Orlando, based in Orlando now.

Q. Your sister, how much do you talk to her during a week like this?

MORGANE METRAUX: Yeah, she was busy. She was playing on the LET this week, Saudi Arabia, so with the time change we didn't talk that much. I know my whole family, they're always behind me, and if I need to talk to them I know they're always there. And vice versa with her when she needs stuff from me.

So I don't think we need to talk always. It's just knowing that we're there for each other, and if we need, we always have each other.

Q. What are her plans for the rest of the year?

MORGANE METRAUX: She's playing Stage II next week, and then we'll see.

Q. Will you go there?

MORGANE METRAUX: I might. I'm flying back to play in Spain the final in the European Tour on the LET the week after, so depends because I'm -- yeah, I'm flying back a little bit early, so we'll see. Haven't planned that out yet.

Q. Last question from me. Your rookie season, wondering if you can take us through a recap of what you learned, how expectations may have been different from reality.

MORGANE METRAUX: I was obviously super excited to get my card last year, and I probably started the year -- well, I had a good first event because I had no expectations.

After that I was just thinking about it a little bit and thinking, oh, my God this is the best tour in the world; do I really belong here?

So there was a part of questioning, and then off the course I started struggling a little bit too, so that played into my game during the summer.

I was able to go back home and figure some stuff out and came back -- I think I got 12th in ShopRite, and that was sort of the turning point a little bit for me where I realized I can do this, I belong here.

And that really gave me some momentum and confidence for the rest of the season.

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