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November 11, 2022

Petr Pala

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Emirates Arena

Team Czech Republic

Press Conference


6-3, 6-3

Team Czech Republic - 2

Team USA - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Congratulations. You switched the singles lineup completely today. In hindsight, it looked like quite an inspired move, but it felt quite bold at the time.

CAPTAIN PALA: Well, we have four good players here. You know, we play every day. So regarding to the, you know, opponents, we thought that was the best way to win it, and I'm very glad that it worked out.

Very pleased with the performance of Marketa and Katerina. It was really outstanding to beat such good players. I was hoping that Marketa was going to win that first match, to put some pressure on the U.S. team, and it helped. It helped. I think the first set of the second match was crucial.

Q. How impressed are you in particular with Marketa, how quickly she's found her level, being able to complete at this level after so long out with injury?

CAPTAIN PALA: Yes, it's a different competition than the regular tournaments. She showed in the past that she can play these big matches for national team. She played well last week. She won singles and doubles on a 100,000 ITF tournament.

Then she was hitting the ball well. Today I was glad that she survived first couple of games and she broke back, and since that moment she was the better player on the court.

Q. Final word on the Swiss. Do you know yet what you might do with your lineup tomorrow?

CAPTAIN PALA: No, no. I didn't talk to any of the girls yet, so we still have to, you know, sit down and see who's available and who can play and try to figure out also, you know, against the Swiss team.

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