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November 11, 2022

Sylvain Bruneau

Leylah Fernandez

Gabriela Dabrowski

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Team Canada

Emirates Arena

Press Conference


6-2, 6-1

Team Switzerland - 2

Team Canada - 1


Q. Sylvain, can I have your thoughts on today's tie to start with?

CAPTAIN BRUNEAU: Unfortunate, obviously. We had our chances for sure in the first match. Didn't come true.

And then, yeah, I thought Leylah also was really in it the second set, and it could have been the turnaround, but they played really well. They played really well.

I thought both players played well. Bencic started really, really well. But the girls gave everything they had, and that's all you can ask for. They just really fought, both of them, until the end. Sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn't.

They did the most important, which is represent their country with pride and just went at it. The doubles was obviously a different story.

Q. Heinz Guenthardt just spoke about picking Viktorija Golubic because he felt her game matched up well against Bianca's. Were you expecting that nomination today?

CAPTAIN BRUNEAU: I thought it was a possibility, because I know they played at US Open in 2021. It was a really close match. But I was not sure, honestly, because of the court, because of Teichmann as well, winning her first match and coming through. So I thought it was a possibility, but I did not expect it.

Q. Leylah, it was a tough first set today but you fought back really well in the second. Can I have your reflections on the match today?

LEYLAH FERNANDEZ: Yeah, it was definitely a tough first set. Belinda came in and she played well. I unfortunately did a couple of mistakes on key moments that did not help the moment. But, you know, it's a learning experience.

I had a good week with the whole team, which I want to thank. And then also with their support and everything, they did help me to get back on track in the second set, and like I said, just a couple of points here and there that didn't go my way.

But, you know, it was a good experience and I will grow from this and I will learn from this, and hopefully we can get back in this kind of situation and be ready for it.

Q. Gaby, obviously you have an extremely talented team here. Can I have your reflections on the week as a whole?

GABRIELA DABROWSKI: Yeah, I came in a little bit late, so I wasn't a part of the full preparation unfortunately, but incredible team, incredible girls.

Yeah, today was definitely really tough, but yesterday was awesome. I think for me personally, just finishing my year on a high note with Leylah means a lot to me. We had a ton of fun out there today, and hopefully have a chance to partner again at some point in the future.

Yeah, I think we shouldn't get too down on today. We faced a really, really tough team who we have lost to before and who are playing very well, and they have also a very strong team with a lot of depth. I think overall it was a good week, and we should just remember the good moments more than the bad.

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