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November 11, 2022

Tiffany Chan

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Okay, here with Tiffany Chan after her first round at the Pelican Women's Championship. Big round for you today. You started with a bogey but then a string of birdies to finish off the back nine, which was your first nine. What was going well throughout the round today?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, everything went pretty well. First hole I had like a great drive. Actually great second shot, but the fairway was little more wet than I expected so I hit it a little steeper than I should be, so the ball came up short and I leave it to a place that I shouldn't be, which I know.

But I kept my composure. Just try to make a great putt. I end up three-putting it; almost make my second putt. But from then on I'm just trying to keep my game plan, working with Aaron, my caddie. Just try to be calm out there, because I told him this week it's going to be tough if the wind blows up, so I have to keep my emotions down.

That's my number one priority this week and we did very well, so I'm happy with what we finished today.

Q. Is there anything about this course that particularly suits your game that you found was easy out there?

TIFFANY CHAN: I always like coming this week. I play the last two times. This is the third year.

Q. Yep.

TIFFANY CHAN: Both times I play pretty well. Last year I played pretty well as well.

I think mainly I really like bermuda, growing up on bermudagrass, and tight bermuda is always one of my favorite playing on the tournament events.

So I guess it work really well for me reading the grain and also chipping from the grain, which a lot of players might not liked it. I guess I just try to take advantage of it.

Q. The one I have to add is how did you spend yesterday, and how difficult is it when you're building up for a Thursday start, typical tournament start, and then you have an unexpected day off?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, it was actually kind of bummer because I want to play all four rounds. It's my last tournament of the year unless I win this week, and being able to -- not being able to even practice or gym -- I actually went to another gym -- but not being able to come here is kind of not my usual routine.

But then I was talking to Andrea the day before. We just met in the dining and then we were like -- we already guess that it's going to be canceled. It was afternoon and we were like, you want to get Vietnamese in the lunchtime if you want to, and she was like, sure.

I was seeing the rain kind of like so heavy and I text her and I was like, maybe I'm not going out. She was like, well, I'm going. If I die, nice to meet you. I was like, okay, I'm coming then.

So actually went to have lunch with her and her dad, so we spend a good afternoon together, and then I just went to the gym and finish my day off.

Q. That was Andrea Lee?

TIFFANY CHAN: Andrea Lee, yeah.

Q. One more question from me. Like you said, I know you're like around 120 in the Race to CME Globe. This could be your last tournament. How are you managing expectations? I know with the win you could get there, but how have you sort of been thinking about that?

TIFFANY CHAN: So I talk to you guys earlier this year that I'm coming in new season with conditional status, and my recent play in mid-year helped me get into more tournament, so I play 12 event this year, which is -- that was what I was planning to slowly get my status back.

Unfortunately I couldn't get into bigger tournaments, the majors to get higher points up, but I just tried to learn to appreciate a new day, a new tournament. Doesn't matter where I play. If I end up having to play mini tour or any tour next year, I will still be happy and work on what I have to, and I think that's what kept me going in the last year and a half.

I really appreciate my friends and family around me that help me think that way.

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