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November 9, 2022

Jil Teichmann

Belinda Bencic

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Team Switzerland

Emirates Arena

Press Conference


7-6, 6-1

Team Switzerland - 3

Team Italy - 0

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. We will start with questions in English and go to national language.

Q. Belinda, can I just get your thoughts on both your singles performance today and then also the doubles win, as well?

BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah. I mean, it was super important. Of course both matches, it gave me huge boost to see Jil winning, turning around the match. She was fighting so hard and really like gave me a boost before the match. I was feeling more confident going on the court, and I just tried to do the same thing.

It wasn't easy, because I thought Paolini, she was playing really good and she was pushing me hard. I'm happy I kind of played good in the important moments, and the team gave me energy, for sure, when I looked outside to the bench. You don't play for yourself, you don't kind of go away for yourself, you keep fighting, even if it's hard.

The same in the doubles. Like it was not easy the first set, but we managed to come through. And then the second set I felt like they felt they needed to go for more every point. We stayed solid, and we played a great match.

Q. Can you talk a bit more about the experience of preparing for your match while also following Jil's match?

BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah. I was like jumping in front of the TV while trying to warm up, but then you're like trying to pray for the tiebreak for Jil.

So, yeah, I mean, I feel like I wake up, you know, during the match, because I'm pushing like every point with her. And even when I'm on the bench, I'm kind of like cheering. Some people say it takes energy away from them, but for me it's like waking me up, kind of like making me aggressive in a way (smiling).

Q. Is it more stressful to watch a match like that or play a match like that?

BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, watch. Because you're so helpless. When you play, you have it in your hands, like you fuck it up yourself or you don't (smiling).

But like this, you're just like, Oh, my God, I hope she does this, but I hope she...

JIL TEICHMANN: What can I do for her?

BELINDA BENCIC: Can't do anything.

Q. Is that your experience, as well, Jil, that you'd rather play a tight match like that rather than have to watch one?

JIL TEICHMANN: Yeah, definitely. I feel it maybe a little bit more in my legs later, but from other experiences I know it's much better to play than to watch.

Q. On the doubles, Heinz has spoken about the importance of doubles in this competition. Other teams maybe have more specialist doubles teams or players. But you have...

BELINDA BENCIC: We also have specialist.

Q. Well, quite. How do you feel like you two are playing together as a doubles team? What are your strengths as a team?

JIL TEICHMANN: Well, we are both very aggressive. I think our game is very aggressive. We serve good. Belinda helps me a lot so I can volley, and I think the other way around we do the same.

We feel good. We have played on the WTA as well last year. Worked good from the beginning honestly as well we played last year the very important point against Czech Republic.

So we showed it many times now that we can do it, so I think we are a very strong team.

BELINDA BENCIC: I feel the same, because we don't have two specialists that don't play singles but just play doubles. But we have two of us that are rotating basically, like everyone can play with everyone. And we do that in the WTA Tour also sometimes.

I feel good with Jil, I feel good with Viki, Viki feels good with Jil, with me. I think it's also tricky for the others to know who will play.

Yeah, I feel definitely Jil is definitely a doubles player too, so she definitely means it and she knows how to play.

Q. You are unbeaten, aren't you, still unbeaten in doubles in Billie Jean King Cup?

JIL TEICHMANN: Actually, yes. And singles once, I think. Yeah, haven't played that many times I think yet, but I really enjoyed it.

I mentioned it before in the press conference as well. It's completely different feeling to play for others as well, not only yourself. In doubles it's even more because there's someone else on your side. So it's super nice, really.

Q. You talked about rotating between the team. Is that part of the plan, or do you think that you guys will probably end up doubling up with...

JIL TEICHMANN: We won't say that. No, no. No, no. (Laughter.) Surprise.

Q. We look forward to seeing that later in the week. One more question around there was some controversy in the final last year where there was a late sort of team change, and not to dwell on that too much, but how does the nature of that result really motivate you to go one step further here in Glasgow?

BELINDA BENCIC: Definitely a lot. I mean, the rule has actually changed now. Yeah, they played within the rules. It was just being stretched.

I think it was just one or two, three more things before the match that, like, you know, it was like turning the heat up. For sure the emotions were very high after that lost finals, but also, we made it to the finals, which is amazing. The positive feelings prevail. But I feel like we are so motivated to go again. Yeah.

Q. Belinda, you said on the court that you were ready for Canada now. Can you just look ahead to that tie?

BELINDA BENCIC: Yeah, I mean, they are going to play tomorrow. So we are definitely watching that.

I feel good. I finally beat Leylah in Guadalajara. So hopefully, I mean, I feel more confident now in that, and I feel like I'm in good form. I'm playing well.

We're ready to play them. I think they will also say we have a very strong team so they have to be careful also.

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