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November 9, 2022

Tathiana Garbin

Jasmine Paolini

Martina Trevisan

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Team Italy

Emirates Arena

Press Conference


7-6, 6-1

Team Switzerland - 3

Team Italy - 0

THE MODERATOR: We will start with your singles match. How was it? It was a tough match against Belinda.

JASMINE PAOLINI: Yeah, of course. She's a very good player. She knows how to play important points, you know, and I think that was the difference, because in the game I was feeling good. I was feeling well.

But in the key moments, she played better. I did some mistakes. But, you know, I'm pretty happy how I played, but at the same moment, I'm a little bit mad because I could do something better, something more.

But that's tennis. It's never easy to, you know, to play well important points.

THE MODERATOR: Tathiana, what about the first match for Italy? So close for Elisabetta. She was really, really upset. How do you assess that first match?

CAPTAIN GARBIN: Yeah, it was one point away from the winning. It could have change all the match after that. But I'm really proud of my players because they refuse to give up. That's the way I believe we can build a great team. I think we are a great team. We are able to play same level as Switzerland, that they have No. 12 in the world and 37 in the world, so I'm pretty happy about what we have done.

We have to see a little bit far away, because sometimes we looking for the results, but I think if we look a little bit forward, I think I'm very happy about my team.

THE MODERATOR: Looking forward and probably is a tough result to change with the 3-Love for Italy, but looking forward, how confident you are that in the next year, in the next two, three years, this is going to be the level that Italy is going to be playing?

CAPTAIN GARBIN: Yeah. I think we are able to going up more. We have some junior player and they are starting to play very well and they increase the group we have.

Now we are thinking about tomorrow, and we try to reset today. If something happen, I don't believe in luck, but today a little bit of luck could help a little.

But I know what we have to do to build this team and step up another level. I'm pretty sure we can make it. In a few years, we be able to become very good team again.

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