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November 9, 2022

Matej Liptak

Viktoria Kuzmova

Tereza Mihalikova

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Team Slovakia

Emirates Arena

Press Conference


6-0, 6-3

Team Slovakia - 2

Team Belgium - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. How good were the Belgians out there today?

TEREZA MIHALIKOVA: They were really good. We expected a tough match, and they played even better, to be honest.

They served really well. Didn't serve many of second serves, so we were always under pressure. They didn't let us to have the rhythm with a lot of I formations.

We started a bit slower, and they took advantage of it. From that point, they just played really good and we were always behind.

Q. Matej, a victory overall, obviously ending on a defeat, but you must be very pleased with the fighting spirit you saw from your team in singles today?

CAPTAIN LIPTAK: I mean, yeah, after the doubles now maybe we are a little bit sad, but yes, we need to take it like overall, like you said, that we beat Belgium.

I think it's a really high-quality team, and I'm really happy for the girls. They were fighting in every match. They won a really good level singles. We saw different kind of singles, but I'm happy for them, and I hope that we are still alive to make maybe semifinals. We will see.

Q. How do assess your performance overall at this year's finals? As you say, it's out of your hands tomorrow now, but how do you assess your performance overall?

CAPTAIN LIPTAK: How do you mean? Like everything?

Q. On the two matches so far.

CAPTAIN LIPTAK: Yeah, we are fighting for every point, I think. Our girls really love to play for the team, for Slovakia.

Maybe yesterday we were not that lucky like maybe we expected, but yeah, this is team competition, and I think they made everything in their matches, so I'm happy for them and we will see what it brings.

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