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November 9, 2022

Anna Karolina Schmiedlova

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Team Slovakia

Emirates Arena

Press Conference


5-7, 6-2, 6-3

Team Slovakia - 2

Team Belgium - 0

THE MODERATOR: What a change in match. You were up in the first set, you lost that one. You came back. What was the key for you to stay focused after losing that first set but still coming back to win in three?

ANNA KAROLINA SCHMIEDLOVA: Well, definitely was extremely difficult match from the beginning to the end. I did my best, but I was nervous. It was, like you said, up and down. To fight back after first set that I had set point, I think, was very difficult.

I'm happy that I started a good second set, because otherwise it would be even not that easy, but I'm happy that serve helped me as I served and also that I managed to finish the last set, because it was similar than the first set, and, well, I had it in my mind.

So it wasn't easy at the end, but I'm happy that, as I said, that I win here. It's for the first time in this competition, so I'm extremely happy.


Q. After defeat to the Aussies yesterday, how important was it to come out strong as a team today?

ANNA KAROLINA SCHMIEDLOVA: Well, it's not easy with the confidence and everything. When I lost yesterday I was a little bit down with confidence, and I didn't feel so good on the court yesterday.

So today I just tried to focus on good parts of yesterday and also that I could at least play a match on match court, so maybe I was better prepared than opponent.

So I was happy about that. And I find my game. From the beginning I think I played pretty well or at least I played long rallies. That helps me to get my confidence back. I just focus on each point, and, well, I managed to win today, but it was very, very difficult.

Q. Australia can win the group tomorrow. How closely will you be following their match? Will you be following it as a team?

ANNA KAROLINA SCHMIEDLOVA: Definitely we will be. I think it's a very big success that we win today as a team. Whatever happens tomorrow, we cannot change it. We did everything we could. But we will follow it, for sure.

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