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November 9, 2022

Viktoria Kuzmova

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Team Slovakia

Emirates Arena

Press Conference

V. KUZMOVA/Y. Bonaventure

6-2, 7-6

Team Slovakia - 1

Team Belgium - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Congratulations. How important was it to bounce back today after a defeat to Ajla yesterday?

VIKTORIA KUZMOVA: Oh, I think it was definitely the most important thing to start this day like this, and I'm really happy that it worked out.

I think, you know, yesterday's doubles give us more energy after we lost, and I think it really helped. I really felt this atmosphere today.

Q. You'd lost both of your previous matches against Bonaventure. What was different today?

VIKTORIA KUZMOVA: It's really tough to say. You know, as I remember, it was all really close matches with her. I knew she's a great player, very aggressive, and with a good serve. Same as I am. So I know we have kind of a similar style, and it's really about little things that makes the margin your way or not.

Q. You were serving great in the first set. What changed in the second set?

VIKTORIA KUZMOVA: Yeah, of course the percentage went a little bit low, but of course it's also with kind of, okay, you win the first set, so now you want to do the same in the second set, but it's not easy. But I think my second serve today was also really good, so it really helped me, yeah.

Q. Playing in a velodrome, was that a unique experience, something a bit different?

VIKTORIA KUZMOVA: Yeah, because the people are a little bit further away from the court, but yeah, it's nice. The lights make the whole arena a little bit more, because then you only watch your court and nothing else.

Yeah, I really like it.

Q. Over to Anna next in this match. How do you see that one?

VIKTORIA KUZMOVA: We are going to support her. We're going to shout, scream, and we will hope for the best (smiling).

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