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November 1, 2022

Arthur Fils

Paris, France

Press Conference


7-6, 6-7, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: What was the difference between the match during the quallies and today?

ARTHUR FILS: Well, my match in the quallies, well, he played a great match. Had a few occasions I wasn't able to seize, whilst during the first match I was able to seize them.

But overall, it's been a good match. But I'm a bit disappointed by the loss.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. You had highs in this match, and in the end it ended up poorly. How did you live with the emotions? We saw a lot of things were happening, and also with the audience. How did you experience these two hours and a half on the court?

ARTHUR FILS: The crowd helped me, pushed me a lot. It was very good for me. But unfortunately the end was not so good. At the beginning of the third set I had a decrease in energy so he took the lead, and it was difficult to catch back in the score.

But there were a lot of emotions. I was both happy, sometimes a bit frustrated. But overall, I'm quite happy.

Q. How did you leave this specific situation, having to play a second time against someone you had beaten and you knew that Berrettini would not come, and did you say, Ouch, is there one chance in two that this will be him again?

ARTHUR FILS: No, I didn't know anything. I was waiting to see. It's true that Berrettini was supposed to do W/O right from the start. Then he was in the draw, then he was replaced by Fognini, a Lucky Loser. But it wasn't a big problem. I was quite happy to play him once again, because I had beaten him once.

Q. Was it the most intense match of your season with the higher stakes? What will you draw as lessons for the future in terms of intensity, level of game? What lessons will you draw from this match of today?

ARTHUR FILS: I have the right level. It's not a question of having the game level. I have the right level.

In terms of match management, I was quite tired from the first two matches in the quallies. But I take away a lot of positives. That's it.

Q. Do you feel that there is real emulation between the group of four like there was at the Musketeers' time? Gilles Simon mentioned that, that it's pushing you higher and higher, because this one is going forward, I have to catch up.

ARTHUR FILS: Yes, indeed. It pushes us forward. It helps us, the four of us. But we remain focused on our own projects. But seeing that one is successful, you want to do the same and be better, so it's a good emulation.

Q. What do you have for the rest of the season? Will you go back to challenger tournaments? How will you manage this change?

ARTHUR FILS: I'm ready. Next week I'll be in Roanne and the week after I will be in Helsinki, so two challenger tournaments. I will see what happens, but I will try to continue with this momentum and to stay positive.

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