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November 6, 2022

Evans Chebet

Shura Kitata

Abdi Nageeye

New York, New York, USA

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We have the top three men's finishers in the open division. With a time of 2:10:31 from the Netherlands in third place, Abdi Nageeye. With a time of 2:08:54, in second place, Shura Kitata. And the winner today with a time of 2:08:41 from Kenya, Evans Chebet.

First question, Evans, is for you. This race went out very fast. The athlete from Brazil went out at world record pace. How much did patience play a role in your race today?

EVANS CHEBET: He said the race was hard for him.

THE MODERATOR: Was it hard to wait when the pace went out so fast?

EVANS CHEBET: He said it was hard for him to race, especially because it was hot.

THE MODERATOR: The heat has an impact. Got it.

And that leads me to a question for Shura. This is a very different race than when you finished in second here a couple of years ago. Can you talk about the difference between your two second place finishes.

SHURA KITATA: Two years ago the weather here was very good, but in today's race it was very hot, and that made it very tough.

THE MODERATOR: Abdi, you were on your own for a good part of the end of that race. What was going through your head over the final three miles?

ABDI NAGEEYE: I think I was just running for third place. I was enjoying the race. I knew I was not able to close. So actually the last three miles were the easiest ones.

Of course before that, I had a tough race.

Q. This question is for Evans and for Abdi. Did you know or understand how far ahead Do Nascimento was in front of you? He was over two minutes in front of you. Did you know that while you were running?

EVANS CHEBET: He said that he knew how far the other winner was from him, but he also knew that it was hot and humid and he was going at a high pace of 62. And knowing that he has a lot of experience, he knew that he was going to surpass him.

THE MODERATOR: Abdi, how about you?

ABDI NAGEEYE: I think, to be honest, everyone was worried because at 25K, I think, the lines were still far. And I knew the guy had two fours. So even if he go like three tens, I don't know how we're going to catch him.

So that's why I was the one mostly pushing the pace. Basically, when I saw him on the ground, I get that too because it was my race and I came here to win.

So it was actually my first time that I was the one who was pushing most of the time and keeping the pace high. Yeah, he dropped out of the race. I want to feel sorry when I saw him on the ground, but I was like come on, man, the second time. You did that in the Olympics.

But it's okay. I'm happy with the result. But to be honest, when he's so fast and the guy have two fours, you don't think you would catch him easily. But, yeah, fortunately we did that.

Q. Evans, what did you think when you ran by and Daniel was laying on the side of the road?

EVANS CHEBET: He said when he saw him lying on the ground, he felt bad for him, but he had to continue the race.

THE MODERATOR: Before I let you go, Evans, I have one question for you. Your training group is undefeated this year. Amos Kipruto wins London. Benson Kipruto wins Chicago. You win New York. That's got to be pretty exciting.

EVANS CHEBET: He's thankful for the team, but he has gratitude to his coach and also all the team. His team gave him motivation, and he knew that even winning Boston, coming to New York he would do well.

THE MODERATOR: Those three men winning 4 of 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors this year.

A big congratulations to the top three finishers in today's men's race, Abdi Nageeye, Shura Kitata, and Evans Chebet.

Evans, before you leave, we want to present you with a limited edition Wild ONE TCS New York City Marathon watch from Norqain, the official timekeeping partner of the TCS New York City Marathon. Emmanuel Butler here today to present you with the watch that features the course and the logo of the TCS New York City Marathon.

Congratulations to Evans Chebet, the winner of the 51st running of the TCS New York City Marathon.

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