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November 6, 2022

Sharon Lokedi

Lonah Salpeter

Gotytom Gebreslase

New York, New York, USA

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Our next press conference is the top three women finishers in the pro division.

In third place is Gotytom Gebreslase with a time of 2:23:39. In second place with a time of 2:23:30, Lonah Salpeter. And the winner, the eighth person to win the New York City Marathon in their true marathon debut from Kenya at a time of 2:23:23, Sharon Lokedi.

Sharon, I have to start with you. There was a lot of talk about kind of a warm day today. From what I hear, that was really good news for you.

SHARON LOKEDI: Oh, thank you. Yes, a little bit. But it was very amazing. It was, like I said, a good run. Perfect weather for me. I came from Kenya, so it was really hot. I was expecting it to be really cold. But turned out to be good weather. So just didn't affect as much.

THE MODERATOR: As I mentioned, not many people win the New York City Marathon the first time they ever run a marathon. What did you do to prepare for the change in distance from half marathon to full?

SHARON LOKEDI: I just -- I had been like -- I think it's more from the training perspective. I did a few more miles from what I was doing and the volume of my workouts. It wasn't like a lot, but a good amount to just get used to the longest, you know, the mileage part of the race.

Q. Lonah, you've had an incredible year. We saw you at the World Marathon Championships in Eugene, where you were on the podium. Second here, also the first Israeli athlete ever on the podium at the TCS New York City Marathon. What does that mean to you?

LONAH SALPETER: It means a lot. For me, I was excited to run here, and I'm proud for today because also my training was like halfway. I was with injury.

Even today it was hard for me to catch up in the downhill because, when I go to the downhill, I feel more pain. But I'm happy for the position and the success.

THE MODERATOR: Gotytom, your third World Marathon Major podium since October of last year. Can you talk about the turnaround between winning the World Athletics Marathon Championship and racing here today.

GOTYTOM GEBRESLASE: I'm very happy to be running here in New York, and I'm very pleased with my results. The World Championships was rather a tough race. So to have recovered from that and run well here makes me very happy.

Q. For Sharon, I'm wondering now with your success today, do you have plans of running more marathons moving forward? Are there any thoughts for you on Paris 2024 for the Olympics? Thanks.

SHARON LOKEDI: To be honest, I'm just going to enjoy this and go back to Arizona and sit down with my coach and lay out the plan for the next.

I don't know. It was great today, so maybe.

Q. Question for Sharon. Do you go into this race expecting to win? And can you tell me about what your strategy was for the race today?

SHARON LOKEDI: I just came in, I wanted to be in the race. I know I was strong. I had a really good training. So I just wanted to go and put myself in it and race and just see where I'll end up.

Halfway through, I felt really good. I had a really good help from Salpeter, and we helped each other. I didn't expect to win. I expected to run well. But it ended up being a good outcome. So I'm really excited for today.

Q. A couple of questions for Sharon. First of all, did you do your training this summer in Kenya or in Flagstaff? And second, you had some problems in the heat at the BAA 10K. So did the weather forecast make you worry for today?

SHARON LOKEDI: I actually went home after the BAA 10K, and yes, I did my training in Kenya for the most part.

Yeah, it was hot, but I was really prepared. I picked water at every station and poured myself because I thought about it, but I just took measures. Really I hydrated well the last couple of days.

Yeah, it was tough, but I think I just wanted to put myself in it and just keep hydrating at every water station.

Q. Another question for Sharon. First of all, can you tell me what shoes you were wearing today? And also, I think this was the first World Marathon Major win by an Under Armour athlete. So what did it mean to win it with that singlet on?

SHARON LOKEDI: I wore the 324, the UA Elite. Yeah, they were great. I felt so good in them. I had confidence in them. I think our brand has grown so much. It was just good to be competitive with other brands and be able to win with the best shoe that I think we have.

Q. Lonah, you say that previously you chose the marathon because there was a big support from the community, the Jewish and Israeli community here. Did it motivate you during the run?

LONAH SALPETER: I never met them, but I was seeing their flag all the way. So then I was so proud to see them.

Q. The next round is for Paris. Do you plan to represent Israel in Paris?

LONAH SALPETER: Yes, of course. This is my biggest goal.

Q. This question is for Lonah. I know you wanted to run this race for many years. Did it live up to your expectations?

LONAH SALPETER: Actually, I come here without expectations because after one championship and then I went to run the European Championship, and then I had like some injury. So I came here to just like test myself because the course is not easy and today it was a little bit hotter than Eugene.

So the weather today was a little bit tough.

THE MODERATOR: Gotytom Gebreslase, Lonah Salpeter, and Sharon Lokedi, the winners, top three in the Women's Open Division today. Congratulations.

I do want to welcome back to the stage Emmanuel Butler, the U.S. brand president of Norqain, the official timekeeping partner of the TCS New York City Marathon. The family-owned, fully independent Swiss watch brand is presenting a Wild ONE TCS New York City Marathon limited edition watch to each winner. It's an amazing product. It's got the course map on the dial. It's got the race logo on the back.

This is the first year this is happening, all four winners getting this Norqain limited edition watch.

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