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October 23, 2022

Tom Cooper

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Bellerive Oval


Pre Match Media Conference

Q. Tom, playing against Bangladesh to start out the Super 12s, what is the team's expectations in this round starting from this game? Is it to create a few more sensations or just progressing how the Dutch have progressed in this tournament so far?

TOM COOPER: We come into this tournament looking to compete, I guess. We've, I guess, snuck through with a bit of luck on that final day.

But now that we're here in the Super 12, we expect to compete. Hopefully tomorrow against Bangladesh, we can start off well.

Q. First of all, captain, how do you rate Bangladesh team as they don't have a very good T20 record so far, especially if you consider the last year performance? Do you feel that it will give you some extra edge to beat them for your startup game?

TOM COOPER: I think they're a very dangerous team. Obviously Twenty20 is a game where anyone can beat anyone. We wouldn't want to look too much into their record in the past because on their day they could beat anyone.

I know we've had some very close contests with them in the past, and it would be nice to go out and compete and get a win against them tomorrow.

Q. There's obviously no easy games in the World Cup, but given some of the other teams in the group, are you quite pleased to be playing Bangladesh for a start?

TOM COOPER: Yes and no. Like you said, there's no such thing as an easy game. So I guess we'll take a lot of confidence out of having played a few really competitive games leading in, and this being their first game, hopefully we can catch them a bit off guard and start our campaign off really nice in the Super 12 stage.

Q. You've had some good records in T20 World Cup. You played against England a lot of performances over there. Do you think at this time you can beat the big teams here in Super 12, like Bangladesh also?

TOM COOPER: We come in with a lot of confidence. We played a lot of cricket during the summer against these big teams and had chances to knock them off.

So taking that experience into this tournament, like I said, we're here to compete. We're not just here to make up numbers, and that starts with Bangladesh tomorrow. So hopefully you're going to see a really good performance from the boys in orange.

Q. Do you see chances of winning against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe more than other opponents in Super 12?

TOM COOPER: Yes, I guess if you look at it, there's some really strong sides in this side in the whole World Cup. That's why there's a Super 12 stage.

We sort of -- I guess we like our chances. Like I said, we've come off a few really competitive games, and Bangladesh are just starting out. I think they had a washed out game and just one practise game.

So we'll hit the ground running, and hopefully, I guess, as you guys are suggesting, it will be an upset, but we don't see it that way. We're here to compete. We've got close against these guys in the past. I see no reason why we can't knock them off tomorrow.

Q. Bangladesh are going to play their first match tomorrow in this tournament, but meanwhile you played -- the Netherlands played three matches in Australian conditions. Will that give you an advantage against Bangladesh because you are already getting used to these conditions?

TOM COOPER: Yeah, I think absolutely. Like I said, we played three really competitive games. They've been must win to get us to this stage of the tournament.

Like I said, Bangladesh just starting out. Like we saw Sri Lanka didn't start out as strong as they would have liked. I guess with any luck hopefully Bangladesh will be off their game.

But like I alluded to, if we play as good as we can, it doesn't matter what performance they put forward. We're definitely backing ourselves to make a good feast of it.

Q. Tom, your fast bowling attack obviously has taken the most wickets among the fast bowling attacks in this tournament so far. But spinners have also done remarkably well. I mean they have a really low runs per over as well. Is that also seen as a strength, the spin attack?

TOM COOPER: Absolutely. Like you said, the quicks have been the ones that have got the reward. But absolutely, our spinners have, I guess, bowled well in partnership with them, and they have no doubt had a big impact on the quicks getting rewards. We've got a really strong bowling attack that we're really happy with.

So it wouldn't surprise me to see the spinners get some reward through this tournament, but I'd also be happy to see the quicks keep taking wickets and setting the games up for us.

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