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September 7, 1999

Greg Rusedski

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. It's very quick after the event, Greg, so we know, you know, the emotions are probably still coursing through you. It looks as if twice you had the match for the taking.

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah, I think I definitely should have won that match. I lost that match; Todd didn't win the match today. I mean, I had a chance to go up a double-break with one forehand I hit at cross-court. He guessed up the line. If I got that break, the match was finished. Then serving for the match, I rushed it a little bit, and he came up with some good returns. And then I forced it into a tiebreaker. And he played a very good tiebreaker, I mean, just too good in the breaker. Then he got an early break in the fourth, but he raised his game and started improving his service percentage. And when I needed during those big moments I didn't raise my game. I just went down. So obviously, it's extremely disappointed. I'm obviously upset because I should have been in the quarterfinals. But I'm not, and just one of those days.

Q. Then the fifth the game break?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah, one break. Todd was playing very well and returned very well. I didn't raise my game. I missed too many first serves. I thought the umpire did a terrible job out there. I asked him to call out and not just tell them to be quiet when they're clapping, when I'm missing first serves and when I'm double-faulting. He didn't say anything during the match. I asked him when Todd was taking time if he would call any time violations or anything because he was way over 25 seconds so many times. He just sat there and did nothing.

Q. How much of a factor was the crowd?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I don't think it was that much. The crowd really didn't get involved until the fifth set really. They were actually pretty quiet for a New York sort of crowd. I think it helped Todd, but I don't think it really played a major factor in losing the match today. I think it was my own doing.

Q. 6-Love, then suddenly, be able to do that.

GREG RUSEDSKI: Well, I think he raised his game. He raised his percentage. If I got the double-break it was all over. I just didn't do that. It's my own fault and there's nobody to blame but myself.

Q. Is this almost as tough to take as the Davis Cup --?

GREG RUSEDSKI: This is worse than the Davis Cup, this match. That opened my road for the Slam. I feel in good shape. I'm not tired. I know he's absolutely gone now. It's just very disappointing. I felt I had a good chance. I was playing great for about two-and-a-half sets. I was totally dominating in every single category and just didn't do the rest.

Q. I don't mean the worst performance, I mean, what's harder for you to take? You were distraught after the Davis Cup?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah, obviously I was distraught at losing the Courier match, but I'm comparing it to the one I played against Todd. It's just as bad because I really felt I had a good chance in this Slam. For me to come out and lose this way is the worst possible thing I could do.

Q. When you're playing someone who's got that kind of record against you, does he become harder to put away? Is it psychological?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I don't think it's psychological. I think it's just upping my game. I had the chances, I had the plays; I had the things; I just didn't do my job. And there's no excuse for it. I'm not making any excuses. I'm not going to say, you know, it was the umpire; it was the crowd; it was anything. It was me, and that's it. I blame myself.

Q. (Inaudible.)

GREG RUSEDSKI: Well, I stabbed two volleys. I got the first point, 15-Love. Second point, he hits a good return. I should have taken a half-volley. I tried to rush the volley. Second point, 15-All , he hits a cross-court angle, I don't bend my legs. I should have made that volley for 30-15, then he hits a great return. Then he breaks me on another good return; so I mean two good returns. If I'm up 30-15, it's a different environment, different atmosphere out there. I close out the match. For me, the big point was that forehand passing. If I made that two breaks, he's not coming back. No chance he breaks me twice.

Q. He seemed extra fired up against you today?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I didn't think he was extra fired up. I think he was -- the way Todd plays, he plays, you know, he keeps his emotions in check. I think afterwards he was delighted. I mean, anyone would be delighted when, you know, they win that sort of match. And what more can I say? I mean, he won it. But, you know, I think it's going to be tough. He's going to have a hard time recovering. He'll probably win his match in the semi, but it's going to be really, really tough physically, I think. I noticed he was hurting. He wasn't serving as well. He looked tired out there. I had all the advantages, but didn't do it.

Q. Did you know he was sick yesterday? That he almost didn't play?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Well, you know, it doesn't make a difference one way or the other. I came out a loser and that's it.

Q. Greg, you seemed surprised that you weren't serving quicker.

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah, my serve, I didn't get up enough. I didn't take my time. I rushed it. That's my own fault. I mean, I was dominating completely, and then when it counted, I didn't lift my game and do the right things I have to do. That's something I'm going to have to work on and something I'm going to have to do. I had a great chance at this Slam, and it makes it very difficult and very tough.

Q. Would you say this is the worst you've felt after a defeat?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Definitely in a Slam. Because, I mean, I couldn't have played much better for about two-and-a-half sets up till about 5-3 . 7-5, 6-Love, 5-3, then play one bad game and he gets his game going and lifts his game. My service percentage, I haven't even looked at the stats. I'm sure from set three, four and five, mine just went down in the 40s. His went up to the 70s.

Q. Over 80 in the fourth.

GREG RUSEDSKI: Yeah. That's great serving. He lifted his game. I didn't lift my game. That's why I'm sitting here, a loss.

Q. How do you get over a feeling like that?

GREG RUSEDSKI: Well, you go to Tashkent and win the tournament. It's not the same as the US Open. You've got to think of it; you know, you got so little chances at Slams. To come out and lose like this is just terrible. Because, you know, I felt I had a great chance. The courts were playing quick. I was playing well. The section fell apart. So it's one that's tough to swallow.

Q. Greatest opportunity of your life?

GREG RUSEDSKI: No. There's many more opportunities, but I can't afford to let these ones go. My goal was not to beat myself. That, I failed on. So I'm harsh on myself, and that's the only thing I can say.

Q. Slams this year, you had some open positions.

GREG RUSEDSKI: The thing is I gave 100%, but I didn't come up with the goods. The other ones I felt like I didn't give myself a 100% chance with Philippoussis or Filippini. Today I gave myself a 100% effort out there, but I failed. I just didn't come up with what I needed. That's what makes it really difficult.

Q. Greg, you think Todd can win this event?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I think it's going to be very difficult. I think he's struggling too much physically. I think he's probably going to have to go on IVs tonight probably again probably. I think he can progress, but you have to look at the bottom half and think to yourself: Agassi, Krajicek, Kafelnikov. Andre's probably the big favorite right now for the title. And, you know, the top half was open. Todd might have had a better chance if we would have beat me in three or I would have won three in four. One of us would have had a better chance. The five-set match in the first round, the five-set match tonight, it's difficult to go out and win a Slam like that. He's not like a physical animal. He's a great player and will give 100% but it's going to be difficult.

Q. Will you go home for a couple days or straight to Tashkent?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I have not a clue what I'm doing. All I know right now is I'm not very happy.

Q. You say you think Agassi is the favorite right now, do you say that because you kind of learn how tough it is to do a tournament like this one?

GREG RUSEDSKI: I think he's in the best shape of anybody right now. He doesn't have any injuries. He doesn't have any nagging things. Before I played Todd, he was heating his stomach, he was heating his arm, he was heating his knee. It's kind of hard when you have to come out there and fix up all these injuries before playing. And to play seven matches and win, it's usually the guy at the end of the day who comes out and is most fit. Agassi has a lot of ability and talent showing. He's made the two Finals the last two Slams. He has to be the favorite right now.

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