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September 1, 1993

Jaime Oncins


Q. What happened on the call and your reaction to it?

JAIME ONCINS: Well, because that was clearly out. It was a really important point at the moment. We are tied, I don't know, 14-- 14 or 15-All, I don't remember. And it was really out. The linesman were like one meter and he have to look at the ball, you know, I complain sometimes with the umpire when I am sure that the ball that I have to, that is why I react like that, because it is really important point. I have set point with that point and he just make that call and it was a really bad call. And the chair umpire, just don't have guts to make overrule. That is what I tell him, because it was a really important point.

Q. You pretty much trashed it. You threw your racket?

JAIME ONCINS: You do this because you lost the whole control. You are very nervous because the moment it is really-- you have a lot of pressure at that moment and when you see that, when you see a mistake like that, you really get crazy because you know, it is difficult to explain what we think at that moment, what you have in mind. Because it is really hard, because it is hard when you are trying hard and when someone make mistake like that, you really get mad.

Q. What did you do when you went off-court?

JAIME ONCINS: Well, you know, I don't know what I could do, you know. I have a lot of things in my mind, but I have lucky, because I didn't make anything, because I really -- I lost all my control at that moment. I never make that thing, like, throw the racket and go like that way to the linesman, go -- I lost all my control. I really got mad.

Q. You asked for water to the ball boy and went away? You went after the guy?


Q. Do you normally get that upset or is that the most you have ever gotten upset in a match?

JAIME ONCINS: You mean, when I lost a match?

Q. Today, when you were --

JAIME ONCINS: When happened something like that, because I when I have doubt about the line, the calls, when it is really close, then I said, okay, maybe he may make a mistake or I am not sure about the ball, so I stay quiet. But when I am sure and everybody saw the ball, everybody, I mean the public is not by my side, but at that moment they saw the ball, so you really get crazy and I got really upset about that. When you finished match, you can -- I stayed in the lockerroom like 20, 30 minutes just thinking about it and trying to forget.

Q. What was more difficult, playing Mats Wilander today or playing Jimmy Connors?

JAIME ONCINS: Jimmy Connors last year was, a bad experience for me.

Q. Why do you keep drawing these famous legends?

JAIME ONCINS: Yeah, next year I do -- maybe I get Vilas or I don't want to see anybody come back, no more comebacks. No more comebacks. If I see the draw, I go back home, by.

Q. How far off was it?

JAIME ONCINS: It is like this far (indicating) This far on hardcourt, it is very clear. The ball is not so fast. He make a passing shot but not so fast. I have some friends right in the back of the linesmen and they saw -- they saw it out and sometimes when another points-- on other points they told me, no, it is good. At this moment they said it is out. You know, it is really out. That is --

Q. This out?

JAIME ONCINS: Yeah, but I mean, this out when you are here and the ball is go here. I mean, you have to see the ball. You know, he can't make a call just about go out like this (indicating). That my mother can make this. His job is just look at the line. You see the ball go out like this (indicating) You have to make the call. Otherwise, I think he don't have the guts to make the call. It is important, everybody have the pressure over there, the players, the umpires, he go like this and the chairman at the moment that I look at the chairmen he said, oh, like, I am not going to do anything. You know.

Q. You are not really known as a player to react with such intensity?

JAIME ONCINS: Like that?

Q. To a bad call; are you?

JAIME ONCINS: No, I normally stay -- that is what I tell before. I am not sure. When I am not sure, I just look and ask and that is all. But when I am sure and it is important point like that, I think I never lost the control like that. I got really mad. I don't know what I can do after the match because I was really mad.

Q. Were you surprised at the way he was playing and in terms of his aggressiveness?

JAIME ONCINS: I saw last week he playing few points against Sanchez and he was playing good. I mean, he was playing good. I think he play well today. He is serving really better and he changed a little bit now, he makes some serves and volleying, it is difficult to play against him. I think I play well. Maybe if I do something different in the first set or in the tiebreaker in the second set, I really play bad. I stayed too loose -- not get really tight in the match, concentration. In the third set I was really concentrating all the points. I think if I win that set, I can have a chance in the fourth set and in the fifth set, because he start to don't run a lot, like he was doing in the beginning. He was not serving like he was in the beginning. I think maybe the match can change. I am not saying that I can -- I am going to win the match, but I have chance if I win that set.

Q. What did you think of his skill level compared to other top pros?

JAIME ONCINS: About Wilander?

Q. Yes.

JAIME ONCINS: I think it is difficult to say because I think he is second tournament. I don't know how many tournaments he played.

Q. Fourth.

JAIME ONCINS: He have to get some matches, you know, but I think he can come again. I don't know where he can go, like top 10, top 20. I don't know, but he is playing well. He is playing well.

Q. What happened to your finger and how serious was that?

JAIME ONCINS: I start to have pains in my finger. I never have that. I think because I was really nervous and like I start to play really hard like this, I start to have cramps in the middle finger.

Q. Did it go away?

JAIME ONCINS: Yeah, it go away after three points.

Q. You doublefaulted three times?

JAIME ONCINS: Yeah, the fingers go up like this and it is a strain.

Q. When you saw Wilander's name in the draw for the first time against you, did you say, oh no, not again, I mean, what was your reaction?

JAIME ONCINS: Every player come to me, oh, man, what do you have? Every time you are going to play like guys like this, I said, I don't like this because it is -- not because I don't like, because last year was-- I never have, you know, like that, come in the stadium against Connors and the crowd like that crazy, and I really got nervous in that match. I couldn't control myself. But this match was different. I was normal. I was not nervous in the beginning, but every match in the beginning I was a little nervous. But after that, I start to play relaxed and tried to win.

Q. Was it tough on the big points, though, because you did have trouble with the doublefaults? There were a lot of big points, and he was just calm on all of them.

JAIME ONCINS: Yeah, I think he look like calm, but in the important points he make some mistakes too. He miss serve, first serves and he miss a lot of passing shots. When I saw he comes to the volley, some match points that he have, I tried to pass him and I didn't make too much, you know, I just tried to pass him and he don't move fast. So I think he was a little tired in the tiebreak too. In this moment when you go to tiebreak, it can happen, everything, because it can go to him or to me.

Q. But you felt okay? You didn't feel like he had more experience with you under that kind of pressure?

JAIME ONCINS: No. No, because I have a lot of moments with pressure in Davis Cup; some important games that -- important matches that happen, like, I was 2 sets down and tiebreak in the third set and I already pass from this part.

Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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