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July 19, 1998

Xavier Malisse


Q. Happy birthday.


Q. What did you think out there? I mean, you guys were right together there, then he really seemed to step it up in the tiebreaker.

XAVIER MALISSE: Yeah, I was tired from almost 5-All, 6-5. We had some long rallies. It was really hot today. Every game was like it became hotter and hotter. I guess that's experience. Sometimes you have to play in this weather. I tried to do my best, but I couldn't. I hit some shots I just had to hit. I couldn't run too much anymore. I would get cramps or something. I mean, he was better today. I've got to accept it.

Q. You seemed to have mixed feelings yesterday, feeling kind of hot, didn't want to play today. Are you glad you got a chance to play some singles?


Q. Seemed like yesterday you weren't sure whether you wanted to play.

XAVIER MALISSE: I was just kidding. But I wanted to play, but if I knew it was less hot (laughter). I mean, it was very hot. I think that was a big factor in the game. He solved it better than I did, and that's why he won.

Q. What do you think this experience will do for you in the short-term?

XAVIER MALISSE: This has been a great experience, not only the matches, but the whole week, with the whole team. It's been great. I was very excited to play Davis Cup matches. I gave everything I had. I hope they accept me on the team like I am. But I just want to say thank you to the guys this week.

Q. Where do you go from here?

XAVIER MALISSE: Probably to LA tomorrow, take a day off. Normally LA. I don't know yet. I've got to call. LA, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and US Open probably.

Q. Do you know that it gets hotter here in August than it does in July?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yeah. Maybe I won't come back. See what the temperature is.

Q. So are you entered in LA?

XAVIER MALISSE: I don't know. I'm in quallies probably. I have to see. I don't know how it goes.

Q. Suppose there's a possibility of a wildcard here? Have you ever already got a wildcard?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yeah, they gave me the wildcard yesterday after the match. So that's great. That's why I'll come back. I know it can be hot here, so I'm prepared to play.

Q. How many between-the-leg shots do you usually try in a match?

XAVIER MALISSE: The first one I just moved around my legs. And the second one, I thought it was going out so I just hit it back, and it went over. Normally I make it, so it's fun for the people to watch. If I make it, it just makes you feel good.

Q. Did anybody come up from Bradenton with you?

XAVIER MALISSE: No. But everybody called me yesterday. It was fun. Everybody was watching me on television. I appreciate it from everybody who called me. It was fun, the whole thing.

Q. Like who called you, other players or Nick?

XAVIER MALISSE: Other players, Fritz, Nick called me also, Jimmy, a friend of mine. All friends, friends in Miami.

Q. Do you feel any different as an 18 year old than you did as a 17 year old?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yeah, I'm legal now. No, I don't really feel a difference. It feels great to be 18, but I guess today was just a match in my head. Tonight I'll be 18.

Q. What do you think of your cake?

XAVIER MALISSE: It's nice. I didn't expect it, everybody was singing. It's nice. Give you a cake to play tennis. I think that's what we play for, to have fun and enjoy the people. I really appreciate they did that for me.

Q. So what hair color do you think you're going to sport when you come back to Indianapolis?

XAVIER MALISSE: It might be different. Probably be different. I don't know yet. I'm too tired. I guess I'm going to take a day off and then think about my hair color.

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