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October 12, 2022

Matt Olson

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Truist Park

Atlanta Braves

Postgame 2 Press Conference

Braves - 3, Phillies - 0

Q. How key was that, coming off a day like yesterday where you squandered opportunities, to put the ball in play enough to make things happen there in the sixth?

MATT OLSON: Wheeler had his good stuff tonight. So I think it was pretty easy to tell early on that he was feeling good and was pretty crisp.

Kyle was the same. He knew it could be a game that way of a couple of runs could win it.

When guys are going like that, just gotta find a way to make something happen. Was able to squeak one through, and Riley had that little swinging bunt. And then Trav get one through the middle and ended up being enough. Our pitchers did a hell of a job tonight.

Q. You had a pretty good vantage point of Dansby's and Austin's catches. What were your -- obviously fantastic plays?

MATT OLSON: Yeah, they were pretty similar, too. Couple of crazy catches. Dansby going back, I think Rosario was going to have the play at it first. Rosario was pretty deep. He had to re-adjust get back on it and over the shoulder catch.

And then Riley going up against the tarp. Weird angle. Couple of great catches and that's the kind of game it was tonight.

Q. You've had a lot of good moments in this ballpark lately, the Mets series, today with the hit. How rewarding has this been for you?

MATT OLSON: It's good. Everything now is about getting the team win. But it's always nice to have those moments. Just glad we were to push a few across off Wheeler. Like I said, he had really good stuff tonight, I thought. That was a good solid win.

Q. I was talking to Michael Harris and asked how special it was to get his first win at home, his home ballpark. Same for you, was it surreal or a full-circle moment to do that with the Braves?

MATT OLSON: It was good. That was a crazy atmosphere tonight. I don't know if -- it was a little extra rowdy. People had some extra time in the Battery. But it was a crazy atmosphere. Loved it.

It's a big hats off to fans for sticking around for that long. We've become accustomed to it. At least I have, these sell-out crowds. And I appreciate all the support that this city has for us. We don't take it for granted.

Q. What was your reaction when Acuña got hit? Do you feel that was a spark for you guys offensively, like you wanted to rally behind him?

MATT OLSON: I don't think it was anything intentional or anything like that. But obviously worried at first when he's down for that long, it's a key guy. I mean, we know the talent that Ronald is.

I think we were worried glad to see him stick in. Sounds like he's doing all right. So was able to keep going. So that's good.

Q. How impressed were you with Wright's performance tonight? We saw it throughout the year. Here's a guy that came into the season, completed five innings in just five of 14 contrary starts. To take it to another level tonight, how impressive was that?

MATT OLSON: It was. Obviously losing yesterday, that's a big game tonight. And for him to come out and set the tone the way he did, he had all his stuff going. He was doing little things that might go unnoticed, throwing sharp breaking balls and hitter's counts for strikes. The sinker was good. He was doing it all. And the presence and poise he had to go along with it was really impressive.

Q. You went through your lull in September. I asked Travis about it yesterday, and he said throughout that you were still the same guy, still joking with the teammates and still just being you. How did you kind of maintain through that and get to the point where we saw what we saw in you being the last NL Player of the Week and what you did so far in this series?

MATT OLSON: It was probably one of the lower points of my baseball career. Performance-wise. But at the end of the day you've got to be able to ride out the ups and downs the same. Try to be the same guy every day.

And we got good guys in there to know you've got dudes behind you and it's a crazy game. And you're not going to be on the top the entire time. So you've got to find a way to stay as even as you can.

Q. You said the scene was electric, and it was for the Mets series too. But growing up here and knowing playoff baseball, how cool was it to be on that side?

MATT OLSON: It was really cool. Yeah, the child in you is being a fan for a little bit even when you're on the team. But once the game starts, you push it to the side and realize we've got work to do.

Q. Travis said that you won the fantasy football trades that were going on. What was that trade during the rain delay?

MATT OLSON: Yeah, there was a lot of negotiations going on. Myself being the GM, I decided I needed to make a move. I don't know if I want to name the players. I don't want to get roasted for it if it turns out bad, but I felt like it was the right move, the right time.

Q. Looking forward to Friday and Aaron Nola and also what should be a hostile environment in Philadelphia, how do you prepare for that?

MATT OLSON: Just build off the momentum from tonight. Obviously another really good arm. A guy we faced a lot. So get in the video room, watch how he likes to attack guys and try to build off what we did tonight.

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