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October 9, 2022

Kelly Tan

Somis, California, USA

The Saticoy Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Kelly Tan coming off her final round here at the LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship. A 6-under day for you here to bring you 8-under total. Really good finish overall. What was just working well this week that you learned from the previous rounds and took into today?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I mean, ball striking has been really good. I thought I hit the ball great the first couple days. It just seems like I'm not making the putt and giving myself that momentum.

And, you know, the putter got hot. Got hot on the back nine on Friday when I was outside the cut, and managed to make five birdies my last six holes. Today just seemed to start out hot and I felt great.

Yeah, it was great. I actually did a little grip change in the middle of my Friday round, which I think it sounds crazy, but it was just in my head. I was like, you know what? I'm going to go left-hand low today. I didn't miss coming home. I'm just sticking with it. I think I'm just going to stick with it now.

Q. Awesome. All right. So looking at your CME projections here, this finish, really good, could move you into that top 60. As of now that is what it looks like. How important is having a good finish and trying to get into that final finale of the year?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I think it's huge. It's a goal. It's a big goal of mine this year, and I think I'm in a good spot and playing good golf, and I'm just going to let good golf take care of it.

Yeah, I would love to be in Naples playing the Tour Championship. You know what? That's just too far ahead of myself. We have a few more events before CME and there is a lot of golf play still, so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully the result take care of itself.

Q. What does your schedule look like for the rest of the season before CME?

KELLY TAN: I'm going to play Korea and I'm going to go home to Malaysia for a week, and then go to Japan. Tentatively I will play Pelican unless I'm well inside CME. Just right now going on a week-by-week basis. Playing both in Asia for sure.

Q. But that's a big goal for you, getting to CME?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, 100%. When I get off a good start there, it will be great.

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