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October 8, 2022

Jodi Ewart Shadoff

Somis, California, USA

The Saticoy Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Jodi Ewart Shadoff, our clubhouse leader heading into championship Sunday at the LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship. Bogey-free round for you today. First one this week. What were you doing to limit mistakes out there?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: I hit my driver really well again today. Hit a lot of greens again. Just I think my speed putting was really good today.

So I think overall I just feel really comfortable with how I'm hitting the ball, and, yeah, it was steady and consistent again. It's always nice to have a bogey-free round of course.

Q. Yeah. You've been in the lead for three rounds in a row now. Still in the lead. How does that feel? Hoping you can go wire to wire obviously, but how does that feel to hold the lead this whole time?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, you know, it's nice. Obviously probably the first time in my career to do so, so either way it's a really good learning experience this week. Tomorrow will be a good learning experience either way.

You know, just stick to my routine and hopefully good result will come.

Q. A little bit of a comfortable lead. You're leading by four strokes. Does that make you feel more secure, or is it sort of like a nervous sort of thing to think you have such a big lead but...

JODI EWART SHADOFF: I think anything can happen on a Sunday. I think four shots is nice, but as I said, there is world class players around me. Anything can happen. I just have to stick to my game and concentrate on what I'm doing and stay in the moment.

Q. It's challenging golf course. Three straight rounds in the 60s. Did you see this kind of performance coming when you started week?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: It was hard to know what to expect of this golf course. First time seeing it. I think I've been playing some nice golf heading into this week, so I felt comfortable, and just in practice I felt comfortable. Really it was how the putter was going to perform. I feel comfortable on these greens, which is always a nice feeling.

Q. Finished by the light of the scoreboard.


Q. How important was it to get this third round in so you didn't have to come back early tomorrow?

JODI EWART SHADOFF: Yeah, I mean, going up 14 I didn't think we had a chance of finishing. It was getting dark really quickly.

It's always nice to finish and just have those couple extra hours in bed rest. So, yeah, it's nice.

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