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October 6, 2022

Stephanie Meadow

Somis, California, USA

The Saticoy Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Stephanie Meadow after her first round here at the LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship. Take me through your round today. What were some of the big highlights and maybe some of the challenges as well?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, I just kind of got it going a little bit on the back. The front was pretty solid. Two birdies, one bogey I think.

And then it was nice to kind of hit some good shots and have some close birdie opportunities and make some putts. Overall pretty happy. Solid ball striking day, and I'm definitely enjoying the golf course.

You have to think a little bit. There are a few tricky holes, but overall, it's gettable.

Q. What is tricky about some of those holes out there, about the course in general?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: There is just a few doglegs and a few greens that you just can't miss in certain places. So things like that. Like the layup on 18. You know, you need to be precise there because it's spinny coming off the front pin. Just have to think a little bit.

Q. This is your first time playing here.


Q. But you've played in this event before.


Q. How much do you enjoy playing here in California and this event in particular?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, it's nice. I live in Phoenix. I could have driven over. I didn't, but I could've so it's nice to have the option.

I met some really nice members yesterday in the pro-am and one of them came out to watch today, and I just think the members are really excited for us to be here.

That's a nice feeling to have.

Q. How great is it to have just such a good first round? How does that help you for the rest of the week? I know it's day one, but how does that help you prepare for the rest of the week?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, it's important. I think getting off to good start always helps. Takes pressure off, and you also want to keep trucking along and do your thing.

Yeah, good start and see how it goes.

Q. Interested in what you're playing between now and CME. Making CME is one of the goals at the top of your list right now.

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Yeah, definitely going to play both Korea and Japan and Pelican and hopefully CME. Trying to give myself as many opportunities as I can to make it there.

And I'm excited to go to Asia. First time over there, so it'll be nice to play in those.

Hopefully make enough points to get in.

Q. You should be good for your card next season.


Q. Given your CME points standing. So maybe that's not a worry. How exciting is it to be able to play in the final event of the season CME?

STEPHANIE MEADOW: Oh, yeah, it's what we all play for. It's bonus money, right? That's our year end, that is our reward for playing good all year. Especially CME being my sponsor, for Terry I would love to make it and represent him there.

He always does a great job. And obviously purse is huge, so it's what we play for and we play to win out here too, but making Tour Championship is still special.

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