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October 2, 2022

Dean Burmester

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Quick Quotes

Q. Not a bad way to start your PGA TOUR membership. Kind of talk about the week as a whole and today, as well.

DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, it was good. I had some interesting times out there for sure. Don't play Bermuda very often, like I've said before, and it was just good to get four rounds under par and play some consistent golf. It feels like I've been playing well for a while, and I'm in a good kind of head space, and I'm looking forward to the full season and trying to do what I can do out here.

Q. What are your future plans coming into the next few weeks on the TOUR and around the world?

DEAN BURMESTER: I've got Vegas next week. I'm not in the ZOZO or the CJ, so it'll be probably two weeks off for me, and it's my son's first birthday, as well, so it kind of times in pretty well, and then I'll be back this side for the next four, I think. Depending if I play really well, I might go back to the Nedbank Golf Challenge back home in South Africa. I'm in that, so I might go back and support that if I keep this kind of form up.

Q. Is it your goal just to play the PGA TOUR and concentrate fully on that, or are you still going to back over to Europe a little bit?

DEAN BURMESTER: I'm going to support the Tour. They've been so good to me, so I'm going to try and plan a schedule next year as best I can, but I know that this rerank coming into RSM is really important for my category, so this year I've got to prioritize the PGA TOUR and play out here and do the best I can, and then reassess everything and get the family over and move over somewhere to Florida and see some friends I haven't seen for a long time and go from there. We'll probably, like I said, travel for a few and try and support the Tour.

Q. You had two really finishes in the Korn Ferry TOUR finals. What was your main reasoning for wanting to come over and play those? Was it always the goal to get to the PGA TOUR at some point?

DEAN BURMESTER: I'm like pretty much everybody else my age and younger; everyone grew up watching Tiger winning amazing historic events on the PGA TOUR, and I want to come out here and try and put my name next to his on some of those trophies. It's pretty simple.

When I got the call up and I knew I had enough points to get to the Korn Ferry finals, it was a no-brainer. I know other guys who have gone through. Christiaan Bezuidenhout, we share the same coach, and he guided me through exactly how to play those golf courses, and the plan worked, and we played great and finished sixth on the list, which gets me into pretty much all the events, outside of the short fields, and gives me a really good chance before the rerank. Everything has kind of panned out, and the timing couldn't be better with the relationship of the PGA TOUR and the DP World Tour, and gives me a little bit of freedom, and I can just go out there and free-wheel it and play the best I can.

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