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October 2, 2022

Lizette Salas

The Colony, Texas, USA

Golf Clubs at The Tribute

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Lizette Salas. Carded a 4-under 67 today. Finished in the Top 10. Just evaluate your week.

LIZETTE SALAS: I was consistent. I didn't veer off from our game plan. Stayed in the process. You know, I struck the ball really well the last -- yesterday and the first day, and kind of struggled a little bit with the putter, but pulled it together. I had two chip-ins this week, so a lot of good momentum.

Just really proud of how we pulled through and played some good golf.

Q. Two solid weeks, Arkansas, here. Heading to kind of your home area next week in MediHEAL. Assuming you're playing. Not playing MediHEAL. All right. Is some reason for that?

LIZETTE SALAS: Kupcho's wedding. Friend duties. Partner duties.

Q. Let's talk about that a little bit. To be able to have some time off and go celebrate a good friend of yours...

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, no, that was the goal, to really put in a lot of work and get some Solheim Cup points. I think we were trending even before Arkansas, and to finally put in hopefully two Top 10 finishes, it's really great for my confidence and knowing that we're trending and going in the right direction.

Obviously some things we need to clean up, but overall just really proud. Now I can relax and enjoy their wedding reception and not feel guilty that I'm not out grinding. So I'm glad I was able to perform these last two weeks.

Q. Finally, goals for the rest of the year having just having had these two solid performances?

LIZETTE SALAS: Keep this up. Whatever. Just that mentality that aggressiveness, that confidence is rising. Just kind of have to -- the more I talk out my process to my team, whether it's my swing coach, Jim, trainer, John, who has done a fantastic job. I don't think I give him enough credit just for him to keep me in it.

It's just a team effort, and I think going forward, just having at that confidence up and knowing that when my hybrids are on I can be pretty dangerous. So, yeah, that's been the game plan.

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