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September 1, 2000

Xavier Malisse

FLUSHING MEADOWS, NEW YORK, R. FROMBERG/X. Malisse 7-6, 4-6, 6-3, 7-6

MODERATOR: Questions for Xavier.

Q. Seemed like you both were having some cramping. Was that the situation out there?

XAVIER MALISSE: Yeah, I think. We played two long sets. We both started cramping at the same time, him a little more than me in the beginning. But then he seemed to be fine afterwards. I just kept having like light cramps. It was tough. I mean, if you've got cramps, obviously it's going to get worse. But we both kept playing and trying.

Q. How hot is it out there? Where would you rate it?

XAVIER MALISSE: I got pretty hot as soon as we walked out there, because this morning was cloudy and everything. But it got hot. It felt pretty hot to me. It's tough. When you play long rallies, two long sets, somebody's going to cramp a little.

Q. Is this a particularly hard place to play because of the weather or is it pretty good?

XAVIER MALISSE: I don't know. The sun, it was more humid this morning, then all of a sudden the humidity was gone and it just got really hot. Maybe in another place, if you play Florida or the Australian Open, maybe you're more prepared for it, in your ^ mental. You know it's going to be hot. It was cloudy in the beginning. You thought you could take it easy.

Q. When you see Jennifer coming in, did it give you a mental lift? I know it can't help you physically.

XAVIER MALISSE: Yeah, it did. I mean, mentally, I don't know, it was just different. Physically, you know, it was tough. It did give me a boost. Everybody was there. It wasn't meant to be, I guess.

Q. What do you guys do for each other? Do you help each other for your games?

XAVIER MALISSE: We're there for each other. She does her stuff. I do my stuff in the tennis. Behind the scenes, you know, we just do whatever want to do. We help each other.

Q. How do you think she's really grown in the last year?

XAVIER MALISSE: I mean, she's playing unbelievable this tournament. She's playing really good. She's been working hard, so I think she deserves to get a title or something, really go far in the tournament.

Q. Are you comfortable with people recognizing you as her boyfriend? Is that okay with you?

XAVIER MALISSE: I don't really think about it. We do all our stuff. If they see me as a player, boyfriend, it doesn't really bother me.

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