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September 25, 2022

Lizette Salas

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Pinnacle Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Lizette Salas after the final round here in Arkansas. This last round just now was your best round. What did you do, say to yourself before the round to get you fired up from the start? You had birdies right away.

LIZETTE SALAS: I didn't really have much -- many other thoughts other than wake up and get moving. It's kind of hard having that split time and really early in the morning.

Whole week I just felt good over the golf ball. Putting, I was rolling it so much better. I could see that the work we did last week has really been working. So I really didn't have much to think about. Just kind of fairways and greens and hit your spot on the green.

Yeah, can't give you much exciting news other than that. Just played boring golf and just played smart coming down the stretch. Obviously with these soft greens played really aggressive when I had wedges or shorter irons in. That was the game plan.

Q. So you were really attacking the pin today by trying to find these birdies knowing you were like a little behind obviously.

LIZETTE SALAS: I didn't even know where I was standing. I just kept that momentum going after I made the turn. Finally birdied 18 and really had to take advantage of the par-5s, and made a really good birdie on 7 and then kind of -- we're not going to think about what happened on 8.

Just stayed really solid throughout the day and we came out with a good score.

Q. Yeah, and lucky you, you had ESPN+ following you pretty much every shot. Did you notice that you were in the spotlight all day?

LIZETTE SALAS: I did and I said, God bless you for coming out this early. It's really nice to have that coverage, that extra coverage all 18 holes, and my family can come out -- I mean, can log on and watch.

It really just gives more players that exposure that we all need and that our fans really want. Yeah, grateful for ESPN and Chantel to follow us and show off my birdies.

Q. Yeah, this is a course you've played before, right?


Q. How much do you like this course?

LIZETTE SALAS: I'm a ten-year veteran so I've played every single one of these golf courses. Yeah, this golf course is one of my favorites out on tour. It really just -- each hole is different, and bent grass is what I grow grew up on.

The fans here are spectacular, the whole community of Pinnacle and Rogers that come out to support us, even in the early morning rounds. It's really nice to have that support and hopefully we can continue that.

Q. Yeah, and also a three-day event. How happy are you to have set yourself up near the top of the leaderboard in just three days?

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, really proud of how aggressive I kind of progressed throughout the week. This is not your typical four-day tournament, so every shot does count.

Just really proud of how quick I made that transition. I'm usually more conservative and wait for something big to happen. Now I just went after it and got some birdies early and finished strong.

So feel really good and just take all the positives from this week and apply it to next week.

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