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September 23, 2022

Taylor Pendrith

Corey Conners

Charlotte, North Carolina

Quail Hollow Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Guys, I know this is a tough way to finish out, but it was a pretty ebb and flow match. Assess what your play was today and how you feel at this moment.

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Obviously it stings a little bit. Max made two really nice putts on the last two holes. I hit a really nice putt on 17 that didn't fall.

We battled very hard. Didn't have our best stuff early in the round. Good enough to stick around.

Q. Corey, how did it feel to fight back after the slow start this morning? Never really trailing too much, but you guys really kind of ground your way back on the back side.

COREY CONNERS: It certainly felt good. A bit disappointed with the end result, but it felt good to get back to all square. Had a solid partner today. Had a lot of fun out there with Taylor.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the putts to drop when we needed to. It felt good to have a chance coming up there. Pretty sweet putt on 18 to give us hope.

Max and Billy played great.

Q. How emotionally draining is it to go through a day like today?

COREY CONNERS: I still feel like there's some adrenaline flowing for sure. Yeah, it's tough. We played against some world class players. The atmosphere pretty loud. There's a lot going on. You try to enjoy it, but it's definitely challenging.

Q. What did you do now to regroup for tomorrow?

COREY CONNERS: Same stuff we've been doing. We've got a quick turnaround. We'll be teeing off early tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll come out on top on the 18th green tomorrow.

Q. What's the strategy?

COREY CONNERS: We just try to play our own games. I try to do what I do well. I try to get it on the fairway, get it on the green, have some birdie looks and free up Taylor to hit the balls and attack some of those pins.

We struggled on a couple of the par-3s early. I led him astray with my leadoff shots of those two holes. So we switched it up on the back nine. It was a little better, I guess, on those holes.

We just try to have fun. We know each other's game. We just need to be ready to play. I'll try to do my part to help the team.

Q. Taylor, you played a lot of games together with Corey. How different was this one?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Similar. It's super fun to play with him. I thought we had some really good stuff on the back nine. Things were turning around for us. Obviously, the slow start wasn't ideal, but super fun to play with Corey. It sucks to not come out on top.

We battled very hard all day. Very cool atmosphere. The fans were great. So it was fun to be involved in this, but wish we got a point.

Q. How does it feel to be making Canadian history being the first Canadian pair to be paired together at the Presidents Cup?

COREY CONNERS: It's really cool. The list of Canadian players that have made the Presidents Cup team is really small so it's really special to be part of that.

To pair up today is really special. Hopefully we've got a couple more in us, and we'll see if we can get some points the rest of the way. Definitely really special.

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