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September 22, 2022

Jordan Spieth

Justin Thomas

Charlotte, North Carolina

Quail Hollow Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas beside the 17th green. How much of a grind was that?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Oh, it was a big grind. I mean, you know, we played a really, really good team, a team that hits a lot of fairways, a lot of quality shots. I hit some unbelievably questionable shots, and I think that's why we make such a great team. We can salvage when we don't have our best stuff on a day like today.

Q. He was saying that he was hitting some shots like that. You were saying earlier that you didn't hit some great lag putts and he picks you up. How important is it for the two of you to pick each other up when you know the other one doesn't have his razor sharp game?

JORDAN SPIETH: We either win or lose on that, right? You win when you pick up your partner, and he did that. That switch we had on the 15th was, you know, was unreal there.

Looking at going to even and instead we leave that green 2-up, it was just an unbelievable second shot and putt by Justin. It was the difference in the match.

Q. Jordan, you jumped out to a pretty nice lead through six holes. Do you think you maybe allowed them to get back in the match and had to battle for this one?

JORDAN SPIETH: They hit it to eight feet for eagle on 7 and then they birdied 8 and 9. Through nine holes, we played the front nine the way we wanted to, minus one wind gust here or there. Had a couple under. On alternate shot on this course, that's pretty good.

We got the brunt of some weather, and I hit a ball in the water, where if I keep it in play we win the hole. Instead we tie. We just kind of had to hang in there.

Then the 15th was really what made the difference in the match.

Q. Justin, that moment at the 15th hole with Jordan has a putt from the back edge of the green and it rolls past about 27 feet away. Do you feel really good about that one before you stroked it into the hole?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean, not really. Yes and no. I mean, it was one of those kind of days. We felt like they had a couple they hung on and salvaged with. It felt like we had a couple wind switches and things that didn't go our way.

To have that tee shot stay up was almost kind of like maybe this is our match to win kind of thing. And, you know, he joked he wanted the lead and we blow the hole like that. I appreciate my partner doing so.

Q. How about the emotion of that kind of moment and what it means to be involved in this kind of competition and to do that on the stage at 15th?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean, it's the best. I feel like there's four or five holes out here that have a little bit bigger setting and gallery than others. Was fortunate enough, just really tried to use that moment. I mean, those switches are so big in match play.

JORDAN SPIETH: He's enjoyed that green before. It's one of his favorite greens.

Q. Yes, he has, 2017.

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, what Jordan said.

Q. Jordan, lastly, as far as foursomes for the both of you, incredible records in the Presidents Cup. You keep it going today.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, and I think the Ryder Cup as well in the same format. He and I have both always joked we're just the best ball team, and then we keep getting thrown out in foursomes.

We'll play whenever we can play, and we'll play as often as we can. And we'll hopefully go into tomorrow's match and be able to feed off each other with a lot more birdies.

Q. That was one of the iconic moments of the match, 15, the iconic hole here. You needed that putt to get some momentum back, and you got it. Emotionally, how important was that par for you guys in this match?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It was huge. You know, we joked it looked like a 4 the entire way after the tee shot, the second shot, the putt. That's just the crazy and fun part about match play. If that was stroke play, the people we were playing with would be like oh, wow, what a crazy par. But then all of a sudden they have a putt to tie the hole and completely flip the match.

Yeah, it was great. It was exactly what we needed kind of thing.

Q. How would you describe the rhythm you two had today, Jordan?

JORDAN SPIETH: We had a really hard time deciding who was going to go odds and evens. We didn't decide until late last night. If we got the chance again, we might even switch it.

We were in a really, really nice rhythm the front nine. Then that weather hit and it became really challenging for a few holes there.

Ultimately, you know, par is going to be a good score when it's windy at Quail Hollow in alternate shot. However it needs to be done, and Justin certainly bailed me out on the 15th. That was the difference in the match, getting 2 up with three to go is certainly in a lot better spot than coming back and being even with three to go.

Q. Finally, how would you describe the competitive joy you two have playing together and getting a point for the United States?

JORDAN SPIETH: It's really fun, right? He's my best friend in the whole world. We've played a lot of golf together. We've played a lot of golf against each other. Now we've played quite a bit with each other. There's nothing more fun than these team events, playing alongside JT.

JUSTIN THOMAS: Having the opportunity to not only win a point for your team but win a point, like Jordan said, with one of your best friends, it's just one of those things. We know each other's games. We know how to feed off each other. We know how to help each other. We know how to stay out of each other's way.

We did what we need to do, and that's get a point for our team.

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