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September 3, 1993

Jana Novotna


Q. Miss Novotna, how were you affected by the weather conditions out there today?

JANA NOVOTNA: Quite a bit. It was really windy today and so -- and people moving all-around the courts. So was difficult to concentrate again, but I think what bothered me the most today was Laura Golarsa's game. She was coming in all the time. She played quite unpredictable tennis and you know, it was just a matter of a few points and I haven't been moving as well as the other days, but I guess that was because of the wind. I had to correct myself all the time; adjust to the ball, so it was quite a difficult game.

Q. How do you think you played overall today?

JANA NOVOTNA: I would just say that I am very happy that I won this match because it was quite a different completely different to the matches the other day because I played against baseliners. Laura just played unpredictable games. She was coming in all the time, so it was a different game. But overall, I am happy I went through. You have some good days. You have a little worse days. So this was one was one of the toughest so far.

Q. Miss Novotna, you almost did it at Wimbledon. How do you get over that final hump; get past the point where the pressure perhaps gets to you?

JANA NOVOTNA: Well, I didn't -- as I said many times at Wimbledon, I don't think I lost that final because of my nerves or because I have -- if I look back to the Wimbledon final, I don't think I don't look -- didn't have any problems to deal with that. I took the positive things out of it and here I am, going on with my tennis career, improving my game and concentrating on U.S. Open tournament.

Q. How do you assess your chances?

JANA NOVOTNA: To win -- I do by matches, you know, today I have won this one. Tomorrow I will perhaps have a day off, so I am going to concentrate on the other one because too look too much far ahead, it is never good and I never do that.

Q. I know you are focusing on this tournament, but still that moment with the Dutchess of Kent was so moving. Could you tell us what went through your mind at that moment?

JANA NOVOTNA: After the match?

Q. Yes, after the match.

JANA NOVOTNA: Nothing. I was sad, disappointed you know, I have said it many times, just so difficult for me to recall it all the time because I have said it so many times and I don't want to say anything different what I have in the past, so you know, nothing. It was a great final. I was -- I have done well during the whole tournament. I was very close to winning the whole Wimbledon. I haven't done it. So you know, that is it. It happened. It is past. I am taking the positive things out of it, as I said, and here I am again. I cannot go on and think about Wimbledon for the rest of my life.

Q. Thank you.

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