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September 18, 2022

Captain Hedsberg

Team Sweden

Press Conference


7-6, 6-2

Italy - 2

Sweden - 1

THE MODERATOR: I guess you are leaving Bologna with your head really high.

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: I think so. As you say, I think may be the toughest group. Good matches from the boys. You always want to win, you know, but still, we did okay, I must say.

THE MODERATOR: How comforting or in a way positive for Sweden it is these two great finals, last year, this year, with the performances, and outstanding singles wins, as well, that I guess gives some nice hopes for the future?

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: Yes, I hope so. Yeah, it's good to see. They send it in Swedish television, so I hope a lot of people enjoyed it.

As you say, in this level, if we can have some results here, of course, it's a good thing. Then the juniors have to work hard as well.

THE MODERATOR: At the same time, how do you see the case of the Ymer brothers? Feels like they have this extra motivation when playing for Sweden compared to what they perform in the circuit.

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: Yeah, I don't work with them private now, but result-wise, I understand what you are asking about. I just have seen this.

No, but I think they really enjoy to play for Sweden, and I think they are feeling safe and motivated really to do it.

THE MODERATOR: Sweden, Bologna is a long way in terms of travel, but I guess you must feel really proud with the Swedish crowd these last three days for you.

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: Yeah, very good crowd. Also very good with an atmosphere today to have almost a full, maybe it was full, and lots of noise. It was really a pleasure to play under these conditions.

I told the boys that you should enjoy this moment before, because we figure it should be something like this. So it was nice.

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