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September 17, 2022

Captain Haarhuis

Team The Netherlands

Press Conference


4-6, 7-6, 6-4

The Netherlands - 2

USA - 1

THE MODERATOR: Could you talk about how proud you are of the team and what they've achieved this week, please.

CAPTAIN HAARHUIS: Yeah, it's been an amazing week. We came here with the goal to be one of the top two teams, then qualify for Malaga. We know we had a chance at it.

Obviously we were far from favorite to do it, but we know we had a chance. Looking at all the opponents, if our players played well in every match, we would have a chance. But to do that two out of three every match, it's just amazing.

I'm very proud of their level. I'm very proud of their achievements. I'm very proud of the energy they brought to the court in doing so.

It was really a team effort. The guys who played, they rose to the occasion. Yeah, it's amazing feeling to be part of the last eight in Malaga. Now we're looking forward to going there in a couple months' time, achieving our best-ever result in Davis Cup, which is semis, and actually maybe do a little better than that.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously it's been a brilliant week for Dutch tennis, but it's a story that goes back further than one week. Can you give us a sense of what it's taken to prepare the players to be ready at this level.

CAPTAIN HAARHUIS: Obviously it starts as a junior, if you want to be professional. I think for the last four years, all these guys have been playing at the new national training center that we have with the federation in Amstelveen. I think they've pushed one another to a different new level, better level.

I think they all see if one guy does well, they feel, Well, I don't think I'm that far behind him, then maybe I can do that also. They're really pushing each other.

Obviously Botic had his fantastic run at the US Open last year, where he catapulted himself for the first time in the top hundred. Very soon after, Tallon followed. Now Tim is on the brink of going into the top hundred. I think these and other guys, Gijs Brouwer is there, they're looking at each other.

I think that helps if your players improve. It makes the sum of your players improve even more. So the depth and the level...

For me, it's playing with a whole different team now than two years ago, not in name, but level-wise. These guys come in with a lot of confidence thinking and knowing they can beat almost any of these players. That's great.

Q. (No microphone.)

CAPTAIN HAARHUIS: I think the results are speaking for themselves.

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