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September 15, 2022

Captain Hedsberg

Elias Ymer

Mikael Ymer

Team Sweden

Press Conference


7-5, 6-3

Croatia - 2

Sweden - 1

THE MODERATOR: In general, for the captain, what do you assess from this tie? Can you go through all three matches in general against Croatia.

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: Yeah, it's three high-quality matches, I would say. I think the Croatian team is a very good team, obviously. At the same time I'm very happy with my boys. They did a good job. We were close.

But Croatia won, so congrats to them.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Nobody expected, maybe you, that you were going to beat Argentina the first day. Tonight to play against the Olympic champions and fight the way the two boys fight. Now on Sunday you have to play Italy. That could be decisive for you and for your chances. What do you expect? Just now the Croatians say that Italy is the favorite not only of this group but one of the three teams favored in Malaga. What do you expect on that? Where do you think it's, I don't say the weakest point of Italy, or your strongest point? Is singles, doubles, or what?

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: Well, they have an amazing team. They have a couple of extremely good top singles players, as we know. The doubles team, they beat Croatia. They are really good.

I would say the Italy team, I agree, they are one of the favorites. Of course, it's going to be a rough moment for us.

But now we take this day, then tomorrow we rest a little bit. After that, we'll see. We will try. That's the only thing I can say.

Q. Are the two boys very disappointed or in a way are you proud of what you were capable to show in these two days? Beating Argentina is already a great effort. What about the rest?

ELIAS YMER: Who should answer? Me or Mikael?

Q. I'm asking you both. Say what you think. Are you proud?

ELIAS YMER: Are you asking me?

Q. Yes.

ELIAS YMER: Perfect.

Yeah, I mean, as you said, we knew from the beginning we are maybe in the toughest group. As you say, Italy, Croatia, maybe they are the favorites to win everything.

We got a good start I think against Argentina. It changed the group dynamic a little bit, I would say. I thought we had a good chance today. It was very close.

I mean, on Sunday, anything can happen. It's sports. We're just going to go and give our best against Italy and see what happens.

Q. Mikael?

MIKAEL YMER: Sorry, it was a long question. What was the question?

THE MODERATOR: If you're proud of yourself and your performance in these two days, despite today's loss.

MIKAEL YMER: Yes, I would say so.

THE MODERATOR: Captain, any preferred result between Argentina and Croatia when they meet?

CAPTAIN HEDSBERG: To be honest, I have been so focused on this match. The team, we were so into let's try to win this match. No, I can answer maybe in a couple of hours.

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