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September 15, 2022

Captain Martic

Mate Pavic

Nikola Mektic

Team Croatia

Press Conference


7-5, 6-3

Croatia - 2

Sweden - 1

THE MODERATOR: How pleased are you you could close that one and give the victory for Croatia?

MATE PAVIC: No, we're extremely happy obviously. We gave ourself a chance to qualify for the Finals after that defeat against Italy yesterday.

I mean, we played a good match. I would say there was a lot of pressure on us. Everybody kind of expecting again that we going to win. We did. We managed to do it. It was not easy. They were a break up in the first. We go back. From that point on I think we got the momentum. We were the better team on the court and I think we deserved to win.

Yeah, we're happy. Borna played a good match. He won a tough match. So, yeah, we won the tie. Now we ready for Argentina on Saturday.

THE MODERATOR: Nikola, were you surprised with the level of the brothers, especially at the beginning of the first set?

NIKOLA MEKTIC: No, I was expecting a high level. We just needed time to adapt to their game. We know they going to play good, but we just didn't know how.

The crucial break at 4-2, I think it gave us confidence. Then from that moment I think we were the better team on the court and we deserved to win.

THE MODERATOR: Captain, your overall view of all three matches today?

CAPTAIN MARTIC: Okay, first match, Borna Gojo, I hope that he will play even better on Saturday. I hope so. He have one day to rest. Tomorrow practice, then Saturday we have Argentina. I hope he will play better.

Borna yesterday played really well against Berrettini. First set he won, then he had some break point to come back in the second set. Unlucky shot there. I think the result was not really show how good Borna played, was closer than result shows.

Today he played really well. Ymer played well. I think this court is really good for Ymer. Ymer is really good runner, very good backhand, is very good player. I'm happy that Borna won. After a while, again, he didn't have a team. I think this win is for sure important for him, too, and for our team.

What to say about my doubles? My doubles is great (smiling). I love them. So what to say there?

NIKOLA MEKTIC: We love you, too (smiling).

THE MODERATOR: How confident are you when you get to 1-All and have these guys playing the doubles?

CAPTAIN MARTIC: Very, very confident. When they come, I'm pretty confident they manage to win that match, yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How much were you surprised yesterday that you lost to Bolelli and Fognini?

MATE PAVIC: Not at all (smiling).

Q. You are Olympic winners, fantastic record. You were playing abroad. That was a key or there were other keys?

MATE PAVIC: No, I mean, I'm not surprised at all. I mean, we know Bolelli-Fognini, they won a Grand Slam. They're very good players. I mean, this year, again, they're playing a bit more doubles. It was not the case these years before. Fognini was not playing that much. But when Fognini is playing, he's a pretty good player. Also Bole.

I'm not surprised at all. It was a bit different, the situation, I think with the fact that it was already 2-0, not 1-All. So last year when we played in Torino, they did mix it up. They put Sinner, for example.

It's a different kind of feeling, I would say, for them to play on 1-All instead of 2-0. It was kind of also mentally-wise a bit different match. It was important also for us to win that match, but it was not that important.

I think that helped them a bit more to put the pressure out. But to answer your question, I'm not surprised at all because I was expecting tough match. They play home. It was a great atmosphere. They proved it. I think they played a good match. They got back from a set and a break down. They did play good.

Q. I'd like to ask, since you were in the Finals last year, you lost to Russians, if you think that Italy has a good chance to win the whole Davis Cup? If you have to decide, who is your number one favorite in this competition this year? I would like each of you to answer. You may not agree.

MATE PAVIC: Well, I think of course that Spain, if everybody plays, I think are the favorite number one with Alcaraz and Nadal. Granollers in doubles. I think for me that's a pick number one.

But it's a question always with them if they going to be full, if Rafa is going to play or no. Then after them, definitely I would put Italy there. With those kind of singles, options in doubles.

If I'm the captain, I would put Bolelli-Fognini to play. I think they're a good team. I wouldn't count us off also. If we qualify, if we are with a full team with Marin here, I think we also pretty dangerous.

CAPTAIN MARTIC: I think the same. Spain is really tough. They play complete team. Italy is very good. Croatia is very good. You never know. Serbia, with Djokovic, if he show up in the Finals. You never know. Djokovic is maybe one point there.

So, yeah, I would like to put few teams, not just one. But for sure Italy has great chance this year, too. Same like Croatia.

NIKOLA MEKTIC: Yeah, I like Spain. I like Italy. But, as Captain said, too many teams. A lot of teams are good and it's very close. Cannot count out Great Britain, USA. Very good teams. Also great doubles. Top 10, top 20 singles. It's just very, very close.

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