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September 15, 2022

Captain Park

MinKyu Song

JiSung Nam

Team Republic of Korea

Press Conference


6-4, 6-2

Serbia - 2

Republic of Korea - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Nam JiSung, how does it feel to get a win today in the doubles? Obviously Korea's second point of the finals.

JISUNG NAM: (Through translation.) At the beginning of the match, I was very nervous. Even more when my first serve wasn't successful.

But each time my teammate Min-Kyu encouraged me. I tried harder, and that worked a lot.

Q. Will you be supporting Canada tomorrow? Obviously you need Canada to beat Spain. Will it be all about 'Go Team Canada' for you?

MINKYU SONG: (Through translation.) Talking about the Canadian players, they are really powerful and have strong tennis skills. But the Spanish players are very, very highly experienced. We are going to focus on each country's tennis style to prepare.

Q. For the captain, obviously not the result you would have wanted today, not the victory, but a very important win in doubles. The 2-1 scoreline is key. How do you prepare for Spain next?

CAPTAIN PARK: (Through translation.) As you know, the results of the whole match against Serbia, we lost. The last doubles match we won, so there was always momentum one to another. We're going to take advantage of this atmosphere and we're going to prepare well.

Also, talking about the matches of Soonwoo Kwon and Seong Chan Hong, they were not playing as well as the first match because there was very, very high pressure.

Of course, we are going to well prepare to have a winning game against Spain.

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