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September 9, 2022

Brooke Henderson

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Kenwood Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free; what a great par on the last hole. Chip shot kind of surprised you coming up there, didn't it?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it did. I thought it would release up to the hole and make it an easier par save. Happy to see that putt go in.

As you said, bogey-free today. That's a bonus, and hopefully just make a ton more birdies tomorrow.

Q. What was preparation like for you? You didn't get much practice in here. What's that like on a week like this when you have to come in and you haven't played all the holes?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it's been an unusual week for sure, and especially we've never played this course before, so coming in a little bit blind there yesterday.

But feel like we have the holes figured out now. The leaders are really going low, so it'll take two big days to try to catch up.

Q. What would the strategy be going in on the weekend?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I feel like I have a better feel for the course and where I can kind of hit driver and kind of take advantage, and other times where you just layup to a good number, and hopefully hit your wedge close.

I feel like just try and make as many birdies as I can, play smart, and see what happens.

Q. Special day tomorrow. My grandson's birthday, Jack, but also yours. Anything special planned?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Hopefully I'm just moving up the leaderboard. That's the plan tomorrow. But, yeah, I'm excited. I love my birthday, so hopefully it'll be a good day.

Q. Have a good day tomorrow. You're going to give yourself a great birthday present.

BROOKE HENDERSON: I hope so. Thank you.

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