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September 4, 2022

Caroline Masson

Sylvania, Ohio, USA

Highland Meadows Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Caroline Masson. Fought back. That's kind of theme of your day. Walk me through the round.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, obviously not the start I wanted to get off to. You know, made a bad swing on 1 and then I think got a little unlucky with the lie in the bunker. Somebody did a very poor rake job there.

So it didn't really go my way the first couple holes, but looking back, really proud of myself, how I fought back. I think it's tough when you start like that. You lose your rhythm. You don't really know where the ball is going, and that's never a good feeling.

Weather isn't very good. So really to somehow pull myself out of that was pretty cool. Obviously wish I got off to better start and had a little bit better chance at the end, but given the circumstances, I think I'm pretty happy with the day.

Q. Finished T5 here twice; now solo third. What is it about Highland Meadows? What is it about this tournament?

CAROLINE MASSON: I don't know. I think the course suits me, the way it sets up. It's a ball-striker's golf course, especially with the irons. I've hit my irons really well this week.

Really pretty much all year.

So putted really well.

So, yeah, it's definitely one of those that I always want to come back to.

Q. Best finish this season. Only a handful of events left. How confident are you in your game? A lot of golf left to play but not a lot of golf left to play.

CAROLINE MASSON: I'm really confident, but also this good finish was really huge for me just making sure I get into CME. It was looking like the worst season ever for me in ten years and I didn't want it to be that way.

I felt I was playing too good to not get the top finishes. Just really pumped to get that this week and kind of free myself up a little bit for the rest of the year.

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