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September 1, 2022

Sarah Schmelzel

Sylvania, Ohio, USA

Highland Meadows Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Sarah Schmelzel. Sarah, saw a little bit of funkiness on the back nine there, but able to rebound really strong. Take me through today's day.

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, on 17 I actually hit it over on the cart path and we thought it was kind of sitting up and I actually had a really open window through the trees, and it turns out it was not sitting up on the cart path.

Kind of got a little unlucky there and had a little bit of a blip. I was happy to kind of rebound and make a few birdies in a row, get back to where I was before the little mistake.

And then just kind of finish strong and made a few putts on the way in.

Q. Take me through the four birdies there. That's got to be a good way to kind of get the confidence back.

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, for sure. To be quite honest, last couple days my swing didn't feel amazing so I was playing pretty conservatively.

Finally hit a really solid shot into 1 and just got a good feel for it, and then hit a few closer than I had been.

Fortunately I rolled those four putts in in a row and it just kind of steadied me a little bit and then made me more confident on the way in.

Q. Definitely a ball-striker's course. A lot of our long hitters are not exactly using those bombing drives to their advantage this week. Do you think that sets up more for your game?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, I mean, I think in the fairway is always good. Just giving yourself chances from the middle of the fairway is the name of the game, regardless of how far you have in.

Yeah, I consider myself a good iron player. I like to shape the ball. I kind of like to play off feel when it comes to that.

So I think everyone is really good, so I'm not sure it gives me any more of an advantage, but I think this golf course has just always suited my eye. I like the tree line, I like the greens, so I'm just comfortable out here.

Q. Being right there up close to the clubhouse lead for you, what does that set for you going into tomorrow?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, it's only Thursday. Obviously nice to get off to a good start, get in the mix early, and then go out and do the same thing tomorrow and be in to the mix on the weekend.

Q. Being back in Toledo, this community really embraces the nature of this event. When you're out there practicing, do you feel that?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Oh, for sure. This is one of my favorite events to come back to. It just has such a homey feel. Fans are great. Everyone is so friendly and they really come out to support us in full force, and it's just really awesome for us and a real treat.

Q. Thank you, Sarah, I appreciate it.


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