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August 26, 2022

Sarah Schmelzel

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free day is always good.


Q. What was the story of your round today? Bunch of birdies.

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, bunch of birdies. Obviously kind of got lucky with the rain delay. We were only on 10 green so only hit three shots, so wasn't like got into a rhythm and then stopped or anything.

So got lucky with that. Been hitting it pretty well. Just haven't been putting a bunch of rounds together. Not everything clicked at once. I just had a few more of those mid-range putts fall today. Played the par-5s a little bared today than yesterday and took advantage of some good shots into some par-3s.

Q. Looked like the course handled the rain well.

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Absolutely. I think all of us were pretty shocked when they said at breakfast that it wasn't being delayed. You couldn't really tell. We played the ball up today and you almost didn't need to.

It took it so well. The course is in amazing condition already, so should be a good weekend.

Q. You said you've just not been able to put the rounds together and mentioned putts. Have you been working on that, working things that can help that? How do you try and work that into a successful round?

SARAH SCHMELZEL: Yeah, for sure. Obviously been working at it on the putting green as much as I can. Just really trying to dial in speed more than anything. From week to week I think I that's the most important thing. Then you can figure out the breaks. That's what I really honed in on Monday when I came out here, which helped a lot just seeing the greens better.

Yeah, you get lucky sometimes when you get a bunch to fall in on the same day. I've had mid-range putts and only one or two fall in recently, and I had three or four today, so it makes all the difference.

Q. Golf is a weird game.

SARAH SCHMELZEL: The weirdest. Literally the weirdest.

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