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August 19, 2022

Carlota Ciganda

Laura Gomez Ruiz

Elena Hualde

Vicente Rubio March

Sotogrande, San Roque, Spain

La Reserva Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Well played team EspaƱa. That was a good morning out on the golf course. Carlota, how did you inspire your team today?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I didn't help them much today. Didn't played great, but we had a nice day and I really enjoy my time with the Spanish girls.

I was a lot of fun, and Laura and Vicente, they played really good today, so happy for them. Hopefully has a good Sunday tomorrow. Thank you again for playing. You did great.

Q. Well, it was wonderful watching you out there this morning. Laura, clearly is it lovely having Carlota back playing in these events?

LAURA GOMEZ RUIZ: Yeah, it's great. It's also like rally nice to play with her in the same group for two days. I got to like really good inspiration for like the rest of the season. To see how far she hits the ball is great.

Q. Wonderful to see. And it's the birthday girl. Feliz cumpleaƱos. Elena, a good way to celebrate as well by posing a number, being in the clubhouse with a very good chance tomorrow in the team event.

ELENA HUALDE: Yeah, for real. It wasn't my best day on the course today, but the team, we did great. Didn't make any birdies, but I have other things to celebrate.

Q. For sure. And you're in the right part of Spain to celebrate. It's so beautiful here. Vicente, you are one lucky man playing with these three fabulous players. We know you're the main man at La Finca. Hugely exciting next year. How about today and playing with the three fine players?

VICENTE RUBIO MARCH: I enjoyed myself a lot playing with Carlota. (Indiscernible) in the whole Reserva, so I'm very pleased to play well there. Carlota is really impressive; Laura played great again today. Elena has always been there, so I'm very, very happy. For an amateur, it can't be better.

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