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August 13, 2022

Hubert Hurkacz

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Press Conference


5-7, 6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Hubie, your fourth straight three-setter here, another final. How does it feel?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Good. Obviously very happy with that win today. I mean, Casper is super tough opponent. I needed to give it all today.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When you were down 1-0 in the second set, what were you thinking in your head? The momentum was on his side.

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, definitely he was playing super well. I was just thinking that I just need to hang on there somehow, try to search and find a way.

Q. The net cord ball, was that a turning point for you in your mind?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I mean, I think I needed to get to that stage before. Obviously he was set and break up. Just strength to compete. I think I found a good rhythm, and that was making the right decisions. I think I was gaining the momentum.

Obviously that was a lucky shot in an important moment. Sometimes it happens. But I was trying to be aggressive at that point, so I was happy that paid off. Obviously I don't mind hitting that cord, but it's probably better to get a winner. That's okay (smiling).

Q. Was it like a roller coaster of emotions for you today?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I mean, definitely Casper was playing really well. He was the better player for the first half of the match. Definitely he was playing better than me.

I was just searching to find a way.

Q. What was the way today to kind of change the match, the momentum of the match? Was it being more aggressive, finishing more in the net? Your first serve started coming in. What do you think was the way to separate yourself?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I think definitely just staying aggressive, searching for opportunities, just trying to take every single opportunity to get ahead in the rally and make him uncomfortable.

Obviously serve helped at the end.

Q. It's your sixth ATP Final. You've won your first five. What gives you confidence when you get into a final?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I mean, I just try to give myself best chance. I just try to compete as hard as I can, be as well-prepared.

I was fortunate to win the first few finals. But tomorrow is going to be new match. It's going to be a very tricky one and tough one.

Q. How do you manage your energy until tomorrow? You have doubles to play tonight. You might play the doubles final tomorrow before your finals.

HUBERT HURKACZ: I mean, now just probably going to work with my physio a bit, get ready for the match. But I've been working really hard. I think physically I feel quite good.

Q. A question about your serve. In your head when you walk up, do you tell yourself you just need one good first serve because you have that big weapon?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I believed in it that today I'm going to hit a big serve in important moments. I just try to focus on some cues, what makes my serve good.

Q. You have also once again a good week in doubles. How can your game in doubles help your game in singles?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I think definitely just helps me on the return, decision making sometimes. We have a lot of fun with my friend Jan. We've known each other since the age of nine. Today we have the opportunity to play one of the biggest events there is in the world.

So we're just having fun, enjoying it.

Q. How can you use the experience of Miami's final last year for tomorrow?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I mean, just try to use all the experience I have from the previous years and this year. Just try to use everything.

I mean, it will be another match that both of the players will want to win a lot.

Q. Did you make any adjustments on your serve between the first and second set? You kept going in on your second serve towards his backhand. At the very beginning it wasn't working, then it started working more. How did you manage to make it work?

HUBERT HURKACZ: I think I was placing the second serve a little bit better in the second set and third.

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