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August 11, 2022

Ewen Ferguson

Northern Ireland

Galgorm Castle & Massereene Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. The course record for you, 9-under. Two eagles on the scorecard. How are you feeling?

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah, feel good. Actually was messaging Jimmy yesterday about a few things I wasn't doing too well yesterday in the pro-am.

Played the pro-am with Niall and me and Robbie Keane yesterday and I kept hitting a lot of bunkers. They were saying, you love the bunkers. See you tomorrow. Just try and stay out of them.

Today was just nice to avoid them all, which was good. Obviously a 61, so course record is pretty nice.

Q. What was it in the swing that really felt like it clicked?

EWEN FERGUSON: I wasn't really getting into my left side very well, so I was hanging back and hitting a few shots a little bit left.

And then I was just kind of exaggerating on the warmup, just really trying to get into my left side, so I had some kind of exaggerated fades. Then when I got in the (indiscernible) kind of maxed, and yeah, it worked quite well.

Q. They always say it's difficult to follow up with a low round the following day.


Q. Does that make you more excited to see what you can do and try and ride that confidence, or do you feel more nervous because it's is difficult thing to do?

EWEN FERGUSON: It is hard to do, because I had that kind of situation a couple weeks ago on St Andrews when I shot 11-under and the next day the field was quite different. I was thinking, Jeez, I was 7-under at this point yesterday. I'm one only (indiscernible).

So it is hard, but at the end of the day your golf ball doesn't know what score you're on, so just keep that in mind and try and just keep doing what I'm doing. I've been having fun, so...

Q. You're part of the management team that have a huge input in this tournament. Like you touched on earlier, you played with Niall and Keane yesterday. How do you enjoy dealing with all of that?

EWEN FERGUSON: No, I'm comfortable with my management team and Niall and all that now, so I feel like it's more of a friendship rather than -- I don't feel like flustered by it like I may have done a few years ago.

Now it's just kind of natural. Quite friendly with them. Text them this morning saying, great playing yesterday. Go and do it today. Just kind of part of it.

Yeah, I don't feel -- I feel pretty good about it all. Just like I said, the weather today was just so good, so really looking forward to get out and try and actually see what I can shoot. I've not played in this good of weather for a while.

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