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August 10, 2022

Ewen Ferguson

Northern Ireland

Galgorm Castle & Massereene Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A very different vibe this week with both tours for the one event.


Q. How much are you looking forward to seeing it off?

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to teeing off and obviously playing with a close friend, Connor, and I'm playing with Jordan as well, so...

Q. And obviously this is a place you know quite well as well after having played here on the Challenge Tour, too.


Q. Is this a venue you really like?

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah, I've played quite well here. Couple Top 10s I think on the Challenge Tour.

Yes, I like the course a lot. Obviously still need to play really well and make some putts.

Feel like if I'm on that part of my game I'll be able to compete this week.

Q. Obviously there is a different challenge this week playing two courses back to back Thursday, Friday. Just tell us how challenging that can be.

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah. Can be very challenging with like pace of greens, firmness of the course, and just the atmosphere of being a different course in the same tournament week can be challenging.

But it's all part of being a pro golfer and dealing with the different circumstances that we're faced with. Also looking forward to that part of the challenge as well.

Q. Been showing glimpses over the last few weeks of some really good form. Maybe just not putting four rounds together; is that fair to say?

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah, definitely. I think I've been playing quite nicely. Obviously had one maybe bad round here and there just to maybe not finish as high as I would like.

I've had some really good rounds, been some glimpses of some good form, and hopefully I can start getting myself back into like contention like I was at the start of the year in like Kenya and Qatar and stuff like that.

Feel like I'm getting there again, so looking forward to the next kind of part of the season.

Q. Pretty much the business end of the season now. Sitting 34th on the rankings. Is the goal now to get yourself into that DP World Tour final?

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah, I think absolutely that was the goal from the start of the year really. Be amazing to play there at the end of the year.

But I am not going to put too much pressure on myself. If I don't win, obviously going to try again next year. Not going to be the end of the world.

But it's definitely my goal, and I feel like if I keep doing what I'm doing I'll be able to achieve that.

Q. Just finally, obviously the big talk around golf at the moment is growing the game, getting new audiences involved. Formats like in this week are keys to that, aren't they?

EWEN FERGUSON: Yeah, I think the people that haven't can get involved with R&A and ISPS and these companies and governing bodies of the game.

People that are involved in a totally different industry, like singing, music, and performing, bring a totally different audience to golf and really can really grow it, and hopefully see some new faces and get some more younger people and some more women into golf as well.

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