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March 25, 1999

Jana Novotna


WTA: Questions for Jana.

Q. High lob to the left-hand side, you seemed to stumble a bit. Did you hurt yourself?

JANA NOVOTNA: No, I actually did not hurt myself at all. I was just cooling myself down actually. I really didn't hurt myself at all. I probably looked a little bit tired, just wasn't really moving well. But I didn't hurt myself at all, no.

Q. I saw the ice bag.

JANA NOVOTNA: I always do that. Here at Lipton, I always cool myself down here in my groin, just to stay cool. That's why.

Q. It was an interesting match. A lot of power versus a great finesse player. At 4-3 in the third set, she looked a little tired. She suddenly wasn't running much. Then back to 4-3.

JANA NOVOTNA: Unfortunately, I played the side against the wind a little bit. That made a big difference. It's difficult to overpower Venus. I think the one thing that she really did well today was that she started to play first set, she played everything to my backhand, and that didn't work. I mean, my backhand, I could mix up my game and everything. But then they changed the tactics completely and started to play everything to my forehand. She kept me away from the net. It was very difficult for me to come in. When I finally came in, the ball was either too high or too deep and she was playing great passing shots. She was a smarter player than last time I played her.

Q. That was my next question.

JANA NOVOTNA: It really looks like she has learned from the mistakes she made at Wimbledon, and a couple weeks ago in Hannover. That's something I have to think about, as well. Next time I will have to play her, I will have to come up with something new as well.

Q. Showed a lot of guts in this match.


Q. Yes.

JANA NOVOTNA: Yes, she did. Basically I forced her to play an aggressive tennis. I forced her to play my game. You could see how many times she came in. You don't see her do that in any other match. She did, no question about it. She's very confident nowadays. She been playing some great tennis. I guess, why not?

Q. What's it going to take for two old-timers on the Tour, you and Steffi, to stay ahead of the young crowd?

JANA NOVOTNA: Well, I wouldn't say -- stay ahead of the young ones?

Q. Younger.

JANA NOVOTNA: The younger ones. Who is there? They've all been playing for so long they, they seem to be as old as I am. Anyway, I think for us it's going to take to stay healthy, stay in a good physical shape. That's what is it all about. Nowadays, look, you have to be physically fit to handle these young kids because they can go on and on and on. More or less, they can just keep on playing all the time. Staying healthy, staying in a very good shape, and of course, you know, playing a lots of tournaments, lots of matches, staying in touch with them. I should only speak for myself. I don't know what works for Steffi. I guess the same.

Q. What happened with the doubles?

JANA NOVOTNA: We won, 7-6, 6-3.

Q. You're 29.

JANA NOVOTNA: No. I am 30, and I will be 31.

Q. Excuse me, 30 something. Martina is 18. Aside from the fact that you're both great tennis players, do you find an intellectual connection, even though there's a difference of 12 years in your age?

JANA NOVOTNA: I think so. I think Martina has matured very much over the last two years. I think in the beginning of our partnership in doubles, it was more or less I was trying to be younger than she was trying to be older. But I think nowadays, we have found a very happy balance. Martina has matured a lot. She's just a different person than she used to be two years ago. Although we don't spend that much time together, I know that while we are on the court, we can have very decent and very intelligent conversations, not only about tennis, but also about everything else. I always like that.

Q. Mary Joe Fernandez told me she liked to go up to Bollettieri's once in a while because there's so many young people training.

JANA NOVOTNA: It would make me absolutely totally depressed. You see, the difference between Mary Joe and me is that she likes to go to Bollettieri's to spend time between youngsters, and I go to my house in Boca Raton, at the Polo Club, and I am the youngest person there. That makes me really happy. That's the difference between me and her.

Q. When you're in Boca Raton, do you ever hit with Chrissy?

JANA NOVOTNA: No. We only visit each other and see each other occasionally. I don't think she's playing all that much, is she? I have to fight with Steffi for the court every day, but I never saw Chrissy play actually. I never did.

Q. She used to have this regimen where she had time two or three times a week, drop the kids off at school.

JANA NOVOTNA: People haven't seen her for a while playing. I think she gave it up. She's skiing and enjoying herself. Who wants to play tennis, yuck.

Q. Maybe she's playing at her academy.

JANA NOVOTNA: Maybe, but not really.

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