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July 27, 2022

Georgia Hall

Troon, Scotland, UK

Dundonald Links

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome inside the press room at the Trust Golf Women's Scottish Open, 2019 AIG Women's Open Champion, Georgia Hall. How excited are you to get going here at Dundonald Links?

GEORGIA HALL: Extremely excited. This is my favourite venue of The Scottish Open that I've ever played, so I'm really happy to be back here, five, six years later. I had some really good finishes here, obviously 2016, 2017. I'm really happy to be back in Scotland, and yeah, for two weeks.

THE MODERATOR: This golf course, obviously played well around it. Saw it again today. How good is it to be back here and what did you think of the golf course.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, really nice. I've loved the changes they have done. Obviously the clubhouse, as well. Fantastic improvement. It just makes everyone have such a good week, and obviously the weather, you never know what was going to happen but yeah, hopefully there is a bit of just Scottish weather.

Today was really nice in the Pro-Am and had a lot of fun. Looking forward to getting started tomorrow morning.

THE MODERATOR: Big year for golf in Scotland you and got to be a part of it at the 150th Open and the Celebration of Champions. Talk about what that experience was like? Obviously the picture on the bridge was one, you'll never forget that moment. What was that experience like.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it was awesome, just to be part of that, as well, and to have four or five female winners play is very special and really big for women's golf.

Obviously really honoured to be in that group. Very thankful to the R&A and all the other guys for putting me in that group as well. It was one of my dreams to play with Tiger, and I'm definitely going to get that picture framed sooner rather than later for sure and definitely one of the best moments of my career.

THE MODERATOR: I imagine you were happy to meet your hero that day, what was it like, getting to do something you've dreamt about your entire life, what did that feel like.

GEORGIA HALL: Incredibly special. I never thought I would get a chance, to be honest, especially as he is kind of getting to the end of his career, as well, and at St Andrews, as well, probably the last time he'll be there. I was just trying to make contact with the ball on the first tee. So I was very happy I played well those four holes.

THE MODERATOR: Just chat a little bit about your game. Obviously played the Evian last week and played well in the final round to get yourself inside the top 10. What did you find at Evian that really worked for you in the last round.

GEORGIA HALL: To be honest I've been playing pretty much like that all year. I've had really consistent results, really good results, especially for the first half of my year. Sometimes that's not strong but yeah, I had a really strong weekend. I have done a few times there, Evian. I think I've had three or four Top 10s out of five years. I really like the golf course and I play well there, and obviously a great start to this run of events now.

THE MODERATOR: Heading here, you're not unfamiliar with the style of golf. How do you get yourself ready for this week and not only this week, but next week as well?

GEORGIA HALL: Just try not to over prepare. It's my favourite type of golf. Played nine yesterday and was really relaxed today. Just getting the speed of the greens. You know, those punch shots keep under the wind, I feel very comfortable doing all of that. So just really enjoy being at home and in this weather as well. It's a bit cooler than last week because it's nice.

Q. Did you copy some of Tiger's stinger shots?

GEORGIA HALL: Not really because I've done that for a long time myself and I create that shot, and I worked -- I found what's best for me to hit that kind of shot.

But when I played with him, I looked at his putting quite a lot because he's an unreal putter. It's nice to get some tips from Rory as well.

Q. And the Scottish weather, hot one moment and freezing the next, do you find that quite a attractive and challenging or what do you really think about it?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I really love the weather. I feel very comfortable in it. I think when the wind gets up, it makes things a lot more fun and interesting many I think I can visualise shots, it doesn't faze me at all. And also, we only get two or three weeks of this a year so I just want to make the most of it.

Q. What would be your optimum kind of day for a round of golf?

GEORGIA HALL: Weather-wise? I mean, definitely no rain but just, you know, 15-mile-an-hour wind, 10, 15. I want a bit of wind just because I think that's what links golf is and it would be a shame not to play in some wind.

Q. What tips did Rory give you?

GEORGIA HALL: I mean, more on putting. We saw the same -- I mean, he sees Brad (Faxon), and I saw him last year for lessons. We were just talked about that. The way we both struggle sometimes on left-to-right putts. I started using a line on the golf ball last week for the first time in a couple of years, and -- because we briefly spoke about that and I putted probably the best I have this year. So I'm going to continue to do that. It's just nice to get some inside information as well and speak to someone who has done it all.

Q. Was there anything else you want to share or anything you don't want to share he told you?

GEORGIA HALL: No, not really. It's more -- it's more like personal stuff as well, stuff that's not to do with golf, which is quite nice, because that's what we do. So it's nice to just find out other things about him.

THE MODERATOR: Let's talk about your golf season, in addition to last week's T-8 you have four other top 20s. One of your better years, I feel like, thus far. Do you feel like your trending in the right direction and do you feel like that win is going to come?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely. Like I said, it's definitely the highest finishes I've had all year this year over my career, and I've been in contention two, three times, even KPMG, I was top five going in with a few holes left. It's really big for me to get high in those major, especially in the US. Had my highest finish ANA this year. So yeah, I mean, last week, I ended up only a few shots from winning.

So justify keep doing that and feel like I'm kind of knocking on the door, I'm very happy and I know a win will come if I keep doing that.

THE MODERATOR: And you have won this year on the LET back in March. How important is it to you to play in the Ladies European Tour? How important is it to win out there for your confidence?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely. On the LET, when I do play, I find myself maybe slightly more in contention and I think it's really good to be on top of those leaderboards as much as anyone can. Good to deal with the pressure.

I really enjoy coming back to play at LET because that's where I started my golf. I love Europe and I just love getting on a two- or three-hour flight. I love the golf courses here as well.

When I do get to play, which isn't a lot, I try to make the most of it, and obviously the win in Saudi was great for me, leading start to finish, winning by five shots. So I really enjoyed that week.

Q. I wanted to ask you about your experiences at Muirfield. Have you been there before?

GEORGIA HALL: No. Never been there. First time.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about that week next week?

GEORGIA HALL: Well, it's my favourite event of the year. It always has been, wherever we play. Muirfield, I've heard a lot of great things about the course. I've heard it's one of the best from other players and people that I've spoken to.

So I think it's definitely what women's golf needs is for us to play the best golf courses in the world, and to play the first women's professional golf event there is going to be really big for us.

And yeah, just have my friends and family there is quite rare for me. I really enjoy the week as it is.

Q. Going back to Rory, how much time have you spent around him in the past?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, we met a few times. So it was really nice just to see him again. We spoke a few times in the past, as well. He says that he watches women's golf and how kind of U.K. players are doing, and it's really nice just to meet someone really genuine and interested in our part of the game as well.

So yeah, it was good to play and catch up with him.

Q. Finally, you mentioned Saudi. I'm sure you've heard Greg Norman's quotes that there 100 percent will be a LIV women's league. What are your thoughts on the Commissioner saying that she would take a phone call from Greg Norman, and how do you think the LPGA should go forward with that potential development?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, I definitely haven't heard anything about there being a LIV women's league or schedule. I know there's a lot of rumours going around and a lot of rumours, normally sometimes not true, as well. Unless I actually hear that there actually is going to be one, to be honest, I haven't thought about it, about there being a schedule like that for us.

Whether Mollie decided to take a call, that's really not in my field of expertise. I just want to play in the events on the LPGA and LET. Yeah, there's not much more I can say, really. It's down to the Commissioner.

Q. Okay, that's fine what you just said, but who you like playing shotgun start tournaments every week?

GEORGIA HALL: No, I personally wouldn't. I think the integrity of the game and history of the game is four rounds, everyone tees off at different times of the day, and I think it would be a shame for golf to be like that for us.

I really respect the morals of golf and not wearing a collar and things like that. Yeah, I would like it to stay where it is. You know, next week, everyone tees off one tee. The first tee time is 6.30, the last one is 3.30 and that's the way it's always been and I think that brings in elements including weather to the game, and I think that's something that need to stay the same regarding that.

Q. Have you ever watched a shotgun start tournament or would you ever watch one?

GEORGIA HALL: Would I watch one? Maybe, yes. But I never have because it's quite rare for us in the game and in women's that's happened.

THE MODERATOR: We'll start to wrap it up here.

This event, obviously you've played quite a few times, were here in 2017, it was at Dundonald but Trust Golf and VisitScotland have elevated this championship. How have you seen the tournament get better?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, obviously extremely grateful to them for coming in and supporting the event. As players, we love coming here, especially U.K. players. Having the prize fund increase time and time again, it just shows what this tournament's doing, especially for Scotland and the people around it. We get more spectators year-on-year and it's one I certainly would never miss regarding anything.

Even the Pro-Am today, you see so many cool people come out to support, and yeah, I mean, us, we are really happy to be here and you can see from the size of the field, the strength of the field, you know, this is as strong as probably next week, and it's for that reason, as well. So very happy to be here.

THE MODERATOR: We'll wrap it up there. Good luck this week.

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