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July 24, 2022

Darren Clarke

Auchterarder, Scotland, United Kingdom

PGA Centenary at Gleneagles

Quick Quotes

Q. Tough day out there. How hard-fought was that victory?

DARREN CLARKE: It was tough right there. You walked all 18 holes; tough conditions, but same for everybody starting off. Trying to grind out some pars. I was cruising and made a terrible swing second shot on No. 10 and naturally made bogey there, felt like a double, and had my sort of back to the wall.

Same all week. Didn't really make anything, did I. Kept giving myself opportunities. My speed was just that little bit off all week. But managed to do the right thing there at 18.

Q. When I'm doing my job, I love to look at the players in the eyes, especially the guys that are leading and what I saw in your eyes was you weren't nervous whatsoever. You weren't worried. You weren't flustered; or were you a duck in water?

DARREN CLARKE: I was very good again this week. When I won some of my biggest tournaments, The Open, WGCs, I have a sense of calmness. I don't know where it comes from because if I'd been able to grab a hold of it a few more times in my career, I probably would have won a few more times.

But this week, I had that calmness again. I think it comes from being accepting, knowing that I hit some poor shots now and again. I'm not going to hole that many putts or whatever. And when you're accepting, it's easier just to amble along and accept the outcome.

Plus I had Jamie Lane, my old caddie, back on the bag this week. So that made it a lot of fun, too.

Q. Another fantastic win, you'll always be Open Champion but now to do the double, the Seniors, explain how that feels.

DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Not that many people have done it before. And last week, I was very fortunate to spend a little bit of time with my old coach, Pete Cowen, as well on the range at St Andrews.

Last week didn't quite go so well. He was trying to get me to do a couple of things and didn't quite work in. You know, he helped me win the main Open, as well as Ewan, and he's helped me win this one, too. He just got me with a more simple swing thought and I was able to get out of my own way and I was able to do it. To join that illustrious company is very special.

Q. One word: What's going in there tonight?

DARREN CLARKE: Options. It will be good.

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