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July 24, 2022

Brooke Henderson

Evian-les-Bains, France

Evian Resort Golf Club


Q. Here with the champion. Second major championship win. Congratulations, Brooke. You are the 2022 Amundi Evian Champion. Now, I think there might be a few people in Canada who have a few extra gray hairs watching you today. You kept them on the edge of their seats. Tell us the moment where you think things turned for you today.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it was definitely an interesting day. Not the start that I wanted, but I stayed pretty patient, as patient as I could under those circumstances.

Then going into the back nine, you know, the saying is that majors are won on the back nine on Sunday, so I just tried to keep that frame of mind, and knew I was still in it if I could have a solid back.

I was able to make a few birdies, which was nice, and obviously to make the birdie on 18, that makes it feel really nice.

Q. We've talked about the greats being able to win when they don't have their best. I think that was probably the case for you for a lot of this round. How were you able to do it? What is it about your game that makes you able to win when you're not playing your best?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, definitely not the best today. But, yeah, just tried to stay patient, and kept reminding myself that I was still in it and that I just needed some birdies, a little bit of momentum change to stay in it.

I made some clutch putts and shots down the stretch, which really helped. I'm just super excited to have my second major championship win; 12 wins on tour is pretty cool, too. Really excited for what the rest of the season holds.

Q. You took some time away from the game in the springtime. When you came back, you've now had two victories. What did you find in that time off that has allowed you to win twice, including a major?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I worked a lot with my sister and also with my dad, who's my coach. I think also just spending time with my mom back home just really helped gain some perspective, kind of put my head in the right place so I could come back out here on tour and compete.

Yeah, to have two victories within a couple months is really exciting. Yeah, I think it was just kind of getting the right mindset on, and hopefully I can continue that momentum forward.

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