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July 17, 2022

Jordan Smith

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Jordan, must be delighted to finish with that 67?

JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, as I kept saying, it eventually had to come those putts had to eventually drop. I'm just kicking myself about 17. But I'm happy with today's round overall.

Q. 17 is a tough hole, isn't it?

JORDAN SMITH: I managed to find a bunker that I've not even recognized on the course for the six years I've been coming here. So I managed to screw that up a little bit, but just really happy with the way I played.

Q. Is there anything that particularly clicked about your game? I know you've been about average at times during The Open. What did you get right today?

JORDAN SMITH: I think just everything was just a little bit sharper. I managed to hole some putts finally. So I'm happy about that. But, yeah, it's been a great week overall. Didn't have my best stuff but it's something I'll never forget.

Q. What are the memories you'll take from being here on the weekend?

JORDAN SMITH: Just walking, walking down the 18th about 15 minutes ago. It's just been unforgettable and obviously seeing Tiger on the range and being next to him in the gym and warming up, it's just been like gives you goosebumps.

Q. Also in years to come you'll be saying to the kids, grandkids, I was there for the 150th?

JORDAN SMITH: Exactly. Like I said, piece of history at the moment. So something I'll never forget.

Q. What's coming up for you now? What are you playing next?

JORDAN SMITH: Two weeks off, thankfully. So this has been my fourth week in a row. Two weeks off just to recharge the batteries and get the game sharp again for Celtic manner in two weeks.

Q. What are you doing, just holiday with the family?

JORDAN SMITH: No. No, just at home chilling, recharging the batteries. Couple of days off, and then get back to training.

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