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July 17, 2022

Corey Conners

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. You said yesterday you were hoping to have a clean round out here today. That might not have been perfect, but it's pretty close. Just assess the whole round.

COREY CONNERS: Did a lot of good stuff out there. Still left a few out there. Overall it was a great day. Made a few nice putts and felt like I played quite solid all day.

Q. And on the golf side, can you sort of talk about the whole week here that you had?

COREY CONNERS: The week's been just incredible. Such a special place. My first time around St Andrews. It's always special coming to play The Open Championship. The fans are really supportive.

The golf course has stood the test of time, and it was a lot of fun to play. Had a great week, and I look forward to coming back here definitely in the future.

Q. The eagle on 14?

COREY CONNERS: The highlight of the day was the eagle on 14. I finally hit a solid shot in there. I wasn't trying to force it close to the pin. I was just trying to strike a solid 5-iron from the fairway, and I hit it great.

I was able to run up and see the ball kind of roll by the pin. I could still see it, so I knew it was still on the green.

Certainly not an easy pin to get to. I was thrilled to make that putt. I got a good read from Sergio. He was just behind me and showed me the way. That was awesome to make that one.

Q. How much more do you think you learned about links golf this week?

COREY CONNERS: Quite a bit more. This was certainly links golf at its finest, really firm and fast. Really firm lies on the fairways. Don't get that too often playing on the PGA TOUR. So it was definitely a good test, good learning experience for me. I'll definitely try to learn from this and build off it when I get back.

Q. Is it difficult being a Canadian playing this kind of course?

COREY CONNERS: I certainly didn't grow up playing golf courses like this at all. It's very different. I like to think my game travels well, but you have to do things a little bit differently on links golf. I'm starting to learn what it takes and hopefully keep filling the memory bank and give myself a good chance one day.

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